Listen to your favorite 1980s Music. Top pop songs from the 80s. Song lyrics, plus much more. Growing up in the 80s.

80s Music

 Yes, some of these songs are from the 70's and 90's, but who cares,
they are all great songs I listened to while Growing Up in the 80s


This 80s website is dedicated to the 1980s, the greatest decade to grow up in.  

The 1980s saw the emergence of pop, dance music and new wave. Rock music continued to enjoy a wide audience. Sub-genres such as new wave, soft rock, and glam metal and shred guitar characterized by heavy distortion, pinch harmonics and whammy bar abuse became very popular. The 1980s are commonly remembered for an increase in the use of digital recording, associated with the usage of synthesizers, with synthpop music and other electronic genres featuring non-traditional instruments increasing in popularity.

The 1980s saw the reinvention of Michael Jackson, the superstardom of Prince and the emergence of Madonna, Whitney Houston, and Janet Jackson—who were all the most successful musicians during this time.

The 1980s was a decade of revolutionary changes on the music scene. The two major developments were the advent of MTV and the compact disc.

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