Our Triplet’s Milestones and Updates from Pregnancy to College Graduation.

In 1997 while Ricki was pregnant with our triplets, we documented her progress on the Internet. The Internet was new and multiples were not as common as they are now. I taught myself how to build a web site and immediately started documenting her triplet’s pregnancy for our family and friends. I continued to provide updates throughout their childhood.

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 The Pregnancy
 The Birth
 0 – 1 Month Updates
 1 – 6 Month Updates
 6 – 12 Month Updates
 12 – 24 Month Updates
 2 – 3 Year Updates
 3 – 4 Year Updates
 4 – 6 Year Updates
 6 – 12 Year Updates
 Teenage Updates
 High School Graduation
 Infant Weight & Size chart

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