Our Triplets’ Updates – 1 to 6 months


Luckily while our triplets were in the NICU, they were put on a strict 4 hour feeding schedule. This has enabled us to put them on the same four to five hour feeding schedule at home.

Zachary is the alarm clock for the three, as he starts to cry when he’s hungry. He’s usually fed first, Lindsey second, and Hannah (the quiet one) last. They are either nursed, or drink pumped breast milk or formula from a bottle depending on how our schedule looks. It takes approximately 1¼ hours to feed and change all of them. After they’re fed, they usually sleep for 4-5 hours (hopefully), then the whole routine begins again when Zachary starts crying.

We are averaging
16 diapers a day.
The three of them are drinking
approximately 60 oz per day.

We try to feed them as close to midnight as possible, so we can sleep until 5:00 a.m. Afterwards we go back to sleep until one of them or Cleo (our dog) wakes us up, usually around 8:30.

It isn’t as hard as we thought it was going to be. Other then the 1¼ hours it takes to feed them, the day is ours to do whatever needs to be done (usually Ricki naps and I work on the computer).

We have been doing it mostly by ourselves. Ricki’s sister, Marnie, pops in every once in a while to help out with feedings and diaper changes. I thank my work for allowing me to work from home for 6 weeks, this has helped us tremendously.

We try and walk them and Cleo around the neighborhood at least once a day in the triplet stroller. We have taken the stroller out in public once and what an attention getter it was.

Triplet Stroller


All Three
Lindsey – Hannah – Zachary


They are 8 weeks old today and yesterday was their actual due date. They all received their two month vaccines today (DTP, Hepatitis B, Polio and Influenza). As you can tell from the above table, they are getting very big. Lindsey, the smallest, is almost out of preemie clothes.

Last week we sent letters to companies asking for help and this week we started receiving tons of stuff (toys, diapers, coupons, formula, baby products, etc.).


Ricki had a lovely FIRST Mother’s Day. Saturday morning we dropped the triplets off at her parents’ house in Orlando, and we spent the night at Walt Disney World. It was our first time leaving the kids since they’d left the hospital, so we were a little nervous. We had dinner at the ESPN Sports Club at Disney’s Boardwalk and went dancing at Pleasure Island. We also went shopping at The World of Disney Store at Disney’s Marketplace and bought them a ton of clothes.

Sunday we all went for Mother’s Day Brunch. The triplets were a big hit and we had pictures taken with Donald and Daisy Duck. We look forward to taking them to the theme parks when they’re older.

We’re starting to take them out in public, and last week we went to the mall. The stroller was an attention getter, but most people respected our privacy. Their next doctor’s appointment is on Wednesday. I should have their new weights and sizes posted shortly after and maybe even new pictures.


They Slept through the night!!!


Hannah – Zachary – Lindsey
Zachary – Hannah – Lindsey


They are 12 weeks old this week. The doctor says everyone is doing GREAT! They’re growing so fast, and outgrowing clothes before they can wear them. They’re beginning to be more a awake during the day. Usually between 8-11 p.m. they want to play and interact with us the most. If we feed them during “The Tonight Show,” they will usually sleep until 6-7 am. They’re drinking between 4-6 ounces every feeding.

I am starting to go back to work part-time and our niece, Julie, is going to stay with us for a week to help out.

After 2 years of infertility treatments and 7 months of the pregnancy, we need a vacation to regain our strength. For Ricki’s birthday next month we’ve booked a 4-night Caribbean cruise. We’re leaving the babies with Ricki’s parents, and Julie will them help out. We really didn’t want to leave the babies, but the timing was right for us to recuperate.