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In 1997 while Ricki was pregnant with our triplets, we documented her progress on the Internet. The Internet was new and multiple pregnancy’s were not as common as they are now. I taught myself how to build a web site and immediately started documenting her triplet’s pregnancy for our family. I did not expect what would follow. Thousands of people around the world started following our web site and emailing us. Congratulations and questions (from other women pregnant with higher order multiples) starting pouring in. I continued to report our triplets progress throughout their childhood. The below links and pages are the actual progress reports we posted. During pregnancy, each week’s update contains sonograms, weight gain, and other pertinent information. Our early updates are short, but as we learned more about being pregnant with triplets our weekly updates became more informative. Later updates include status, photos, birthday’s and family celebrations etc. All three have now graduated college and are in Graduate School. Enjoy our triplets lives by viewing our web pages.

Pre-Kindergarten Graduation (6/7/2002)

High School Graduation (5/21/2015)

College Graduation

Our IVF Babies Learn about our infertility story. Read an explanation of infertility terms, plus IVF related links.
Our Pregnancy and Birth Read the actual biweekly updates posted during our triplet’s pregnancy. View sonogram pictures and other weekly pregnancy milestones.
Birth Statistics Birth weights and sizes. One hour old pictures.
Their stay in NICU Read about our triplet’s stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), plus more pictures.
Growing Up Updates Zachary, Hannah and Lindsey’s milestones and pictures. From Birth through College. Status, pictures, birthdays and more. 

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