Famous 1980s TV Sound Quotes

1980s TV sound clips. (WAV Files)

All In The Family
abfunny.wav – “Don’t try to be funny, will ya Meathead” (32k)
abeer.wav – “Here’s your beer Archie” (29k)
abshov.wav – “You sure are shoveling it tonight, Arch” (31k)

Andy Griffith Show
Whand.wav The whistling at the beginning of the Andy Griffith show. (90k)
Nipitbud.wav Barney Fife: “Nip it in the bud!”

Dukes of Hazzard
rosco.wav – Rosco’s laugh (28k)

emiv.wav – “Start an IV 51” (31k)
firetone.wav – Fire engine tones (43k)

Gomer Pyle
Golly.wav “Gooollyy”
Shame.wav “Well shame, shame, shame!”

Happy Days
heyy2.wav – Three of Fonzie’s “heeeyyy” (51k)

Hogan’s Heros
nthng.wav – (Schultz) “I know nothing, nothing” (28k)

I Dream of Jeannie
blink.wav – Jeannie’s “blink” (18k)
ohmas.wav – (Jeannie) “Oooh Master” (41k)
yesma.wav – (Jeannie) “Yes Master” (21k)

I Love Lucy
lucy.wav – (Ricky) “Lucy!” (43k)

The Incredible Hulk
hulk.wav – (Bill B) “Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry” (54k)

The Munsters
hlaugh.wav – Herman Munster’s laugh (41k)
pome.wav – (Grandpa) “Go ahead, go right ahead and pick on me, heh, heh” (45k)
ycmake.wav – (Herman) “Huh! It’s a mistake only you could make” (37k)

Six Million Dollar Man
smbion.wav – Sound of bionics (35k)

soap.wav – Announcer from preview – “Confused? You won’t be” (31k)

Star Trek
beam.wav – (Kirk) “Scotty, beam me up” (26k)
fascin.wav – Dr. Spock – “Fascinating” (19k)

Welcome back Kotter
Wbkotter.wav Theme from “Welcome back Kotter”