Our Triplets’ Updates – 2 to 3 Years Old


The birthday was a blast. Everyone had a great time playing with all the toys in our backyard. The theme of the party was Disney.


The kids are amazing. They are so smart. You can have a complete conversation with them now. They are also very polite saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you mommy’ or ‘thank you daddy’. They love to watch their Disney tapes and of course Barney and Blues Clues. Their favorite tape is Toy Story (they watch it several times a day).  Zachary is in love with Arial from the Little Mermaid. They also love to play in the backyard on their playset and take wagon rides around the neighborhood.

They have been to Disney’s Magic Kingdom twice and Disney’s MGM Studio once (the advantage of living in Orlando, FL).


Well a lot has happened during the last five months. They are talking up a storm and speaking in complete sentences. We’ve been back to Disney World a few more times with them. They absolutely love the Disney Main Street Electrical Parade. I recorded it last time we were there and we must watch it several times each day. I am not kidding!

They started pre-school in September. They are going three days a week for three hours in the afternoon. They absolutely love it. 

We are in the middle of potty training. Zachary is doing the best, but the girls love to sit on their potty and read books.

We got rid of their kiddy swings and they are now using the big swings on their play set. We also got rid of the cribs and moved them to big beds. 


Everyone is doing great. They absolutely love school and next year we are putting them in the 5 day a week preschool. They are learning so much at school it is amazing. They can sing the alphabet song, count to 20, and their vocabulary is amazing.

Lindsey decided she wanted to be the first one potty trained. The only time she is in a diaper is at night. Zachary and Hannah will do fine at home, but will not go potty at a public bathroom yet.

We are planning their 3rd birthday party for next month. They chose Rugrats as the theme over Disney this year.

They love to color, play with Play-Doh, and watch Nickelodeon.

One other thing, we moved to our New Home on the Internet this month at http://www.TripletsandUs.com.