Our Triplets’ Updates – 6 to 12 Years Old


Everyone is doing great. The kids love 1’st Grade. The girls are in the same class and Zachary is in his own class. Zachary and Hannah are still taking tennis lessons. Lindsey has started Jazz classes. They are all still playing Soccer. Zachary has started Boy Scouts and the Girls have started Girl Scouts.


Wow!, time is flying. They had a great 7th Birthday in March. Zach took several of his friends to a Party at an Orlando Magic Basketball Game and the Girls had several of their friends over for a Bratz Makeover Party.

Their Aunt Marnie got married in March and Zach was the Ring Barrer and Hannah and Lindsey where Flower Girls. (See photos below)

They just finished First Grade. They are looking forward to the summer and swimming everyday.