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The Triplets List


The Triplets list is for discussion of issues concerning triplets and other multiples. It is an open forum in which parents, relatives, doctors, nurses, researchers, and others can discuss a wide range of topics. It is a support network where one can learn how other families have dealt with issues unique to raising multiples. It is a place where everyone can share the joyous events that touch our lives.

Although the list title is "triplets" discussion of all multiples are welcome. However it is expected that discussions will lean towards triplets and more (quadruplets, quintuplets and sextuplets - wow!) as information about raising triplets and more is harder to come by.

Everyone is encouraged to participate and tell others who may be interested in this list. We support discussion of any facet of living with HOMs- from pregnancy fears and information to what to do when they all want car insurance at the same time. None of the information on the list is intended to be taken as medical advice- it is merely the experiences of other parents, and for health advice you should consult your own care-giver.

We welcome new members- it is traditional to read the list for a couple of days to get a feel for it, and then introduce yourself. Pregnancy/birth stories are always welcome, as are the names of your kids, their gestation, and anything else you would like to tell the list. This is optional, but it is nice to know a little bit about each other.

How To Use This System

You can sign up for the Triplets email list by visiting

To facilitate sharing of information with everyone subscribed to the list, by default when you reply to a message it will be sent to the list and everyone will receive it. If you wish to reply privately, you must change the "reply-to" address before sending the message.

Some of the readers of this list may receive it at their place of business or conduct a large amount of correspondence via e-mail. It is my experience that the `Subject:' line is very important in conveying information about the contents of a message. If the reader is very busy s/he may choose to read or delete (without reading) the message based on its subject. It is therefore recommended that the Subject line reflect the contents of the message whenever possible. Furthermore if the discussion shifts to another subject (e.g. from diapers to college), please update the Subject line accordingly when you reply.

"Flaming" (being malicious in your email letters) WILL NOT be tolerated! If you disagree with someone to the point of being rude, take it to private mail please. If someone continues to "flame" he/she will be warned by the owner of this list. If the warning does not stop the "flames" then he/she will be removed from the list.


This list is available in both real-time (all messages immediately forwarded) and digested (a single, collective message sent at the end of each day) versions.


Please try to keep your posts centered around the topics of higher-order multiples. We are all busy, and would prefer that the posts are kept on topic.

Use concise, informative subject headings. For example, "Diaper Rash" is much more clear than "6 month triplets", and will generate more responses. Because there can be many messages during a day, people should be able to tell from your subject heading what the post is about.

Don't post "me,too" messages. If you would like to send them, please just send them to the original poster. 20 people sending "me,too" messages can clog up a mailbox very quickly.

If in doubt, reply to the original sender instead of to the entire list. An example would be congratulations on new babies, or a welcome message to a new person in the group. Few of us have unlimited computer time, and scrolling through these type of messages can eat up time better spent reading original messages.

When responding to a post, quote as little as possible from the original post. There is no need to quote the entire post- it just eats up bandwidth.

Do not quote, redistribute, or publicly respond to private email without the permission of the original author.

Be forgiving of other people's mistakes- they may not be as familiar with the list as you are. Don't assume ill-intent- clarify questionable meanings through private email.



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