Our Triplets' Updates ( 4 - 6 years old ). Photos and status. Learn all about our high risk pregnancy, birth and more...

Our Triplets' Updates
( 4 - 6 years old)


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Lindsey, Zachary & Hannah
Lindsey, Zachary & Hannah


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 At Disney's All Star Movies Resort 


 Our 5th Birthday Party


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The big day had arrived, Zachary Hannah and Lindsey have graduated Pre-School. A summer to rest, then off to Kindergarten.

Pre-K Graduation

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For Our Summer Trip we took the family to Phoenix, Arizona. They loved their first Plane Ride and had a ball in Arizona. It was 112 degrees everyday and we even climbed Camel Back Mountain with them (or at least part of the way up).

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First Day of Kindergarten

They love it!!! They are all in the same class with our neighbor Connor.

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Everything is going great. The kids love Kindergarten. They are taken tennis lessons (see photos) and are about to start their third year of soccer. They love bowling and we are therefore having a Bowling Birthday Party next month.

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Kindergarten School Pictures

Zachary  Hannah  Lindsey
Zachary, Hannah & Lindsey


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