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Twins Home Pages

Abrmom's Homepage
Come meet Bethany and Rebecca.

Adult Twins
Adult Twins, come and chat about your life with other Twins thru Onelist E-mail.

The Adventures of Corey and Paige
A family page about Corey and Paige.

Angela's Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Page
This is a page dedicated to America's favorite twins. It has facts, pictures, quizes, links, sounds and more! Come check it out!

Being a Twin
This site offers art gallery, poetry, art fun facts  about  being an identical twin.

The Bloomer Menagerie
Visit the Bloomer Menagerie for all you wanted to know about TWINS. There are poems celebrating parenthood, links to some great parenting sites, and pictures of their beautiful family.

The Clarkson Twins' Homepage
Meet Emily and Katie, come hear them sing, and see them run in their school sports.

Clay Family Page
A description of family and friends, along with pics of both sets of twins.

The Compeau Twins Page
Pictures, journal, and comments on products and learning from experiencing the joy of twins!

Facts About Multiples
A site with info on twins to septuplets and more!

Identical twins Tommy and Tony are the singers, songwriters and producers behind the unique sound of Gemini. Their sophisticated pop music is a blend of many diverse styles.

Glenn, Jennifer and the twins webpage
Come meet the Hart's family.

Jeannjohnp home page
Family life with Twins and a big brother. Baseball/Scouts/Crafts.

The Land of Alg
A story about twin girls adopted in the Seattle area and the family searching for them.

Meet Larry and Gary Lane, Twin Models/Actor! Look at some of their pics of places they have been, and twins they have met!

Life With Twins
This is the story of Mackenzie and Megan's first two months. From a fathers point of view. There are also updates and pictures.

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Page
This page is about America's Favorite twins in show business: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen.

Meredith and Elizabeth's Twin Page
Meredith and Elizabeth's twin's page! Gives their own answers to common questions people have about twins.

The M & M Twins
This webpage is about, Michael and Matthew, hence the reason for the M & M Twins,   3 year old Identical twin boys.

Nicholas and Michelle's Page
Meet Nicholas and Michelle born Nov 4 1997.

Tongue in cheek page featuring beautiful 6 y.o. twins Faith and Hope.

Peek 'A' Boo the DeNise's babies
Pictures of Alexandra and the twins Christopher and Stephan.

Raising Twin Babies
I record progress of our babies in a journal format. Reader can find out how it feels to raise twin babies by learning about what we have gone through.

Seeing Double
Meet Levi and Cody, twin boys. It has kids stuff and links and is all about them and their family

Sharon's Chateau
Homepage about Sharon's family and interesting links they have found on the internet.

Sine's homepage
A Twin pregnancy Diary and lots of good twin links and parenting links.

Sonya's Spot
This page is dedicated to the conception, pregnancy, birth and development of  twin daughters born October 21,1997.

Torben Gundtofte-Bruun
Torben Gundtofte-Bruun on the Web. A twin's personal home page with a dedicated twin page. Constantly under construction - always something new!

Turbett Hompage
Pictures of their family, some family history, links to sites they have found of interest.

Lots of fun things to see on twins!

Twin Webpage
Information on nursing twins and raising twins age 0-2, activities and foods for your toddler

Twins Twins Twins
You ll find all you need to know about raising twins here. Fun, freindly, easily explained parenting of twins!

Twin Resources
Frequently Asked Questions on raising twins. Travel, feeding, bedrest, pregnancy, childbirth. Links to other FAQs from the Twins and Supertwins Mailing List.

Twinsworld & Twins Restaurant
The exciting and fascinating Twinsworld includes: twin & multiple photos from around the globe,Twin facts, Twin Casting agency for multiples, Twin Merchandise and of course, Twins Restaurant expansion information.

Twins-R-Us: Maya and Nicolas
About twins Maya and Nicolas (3/26/97), their family,  birds, and some tips for parenting twins from the mom, as well as good parenting and kid links.

The Walling Family Home Page
A place where you can learn about our family life with twins.

The WEBster's Twin Things
Collection of Internet resources for and about twins.


David and Ricki's Home Page