32 Week Sonogram of our Triplets. Learn all about our high risk pregnancy, birth and more...

32 Week Update


Lindsey   Hannah
Lindsey   Hannah
No sonograms taken today, but everyone is doing great. Ricki has gained 47 pounds to date, up 2 pounds from the last update. We are now going to the doctor twice a week, our next visit is Friday. Her blood pressure and protein level were normal today, and all three heart beats were pumping away. All three have been kicking and moving around like crazy (it's fun to watch her stomach "do the wave.")

The only problem she's having is back pain from the weight gain. She is going twice a week to neuromuscular therapy to help alleviate it. She has been drinking a lot of water, this seems to help reduce the number of contractions. I pack her lunch each morning since it is getting harder for her to prepare her own.

The weather here in Jacksonville has been gorgeous (mid 80's). We had to go shopping this weekend to get her some shorts. With the weather being so nice, Ricki is spending time sitting on the patio watching our golden retriever play. Anything to get out of bed!

We are still hoping for April babies.


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