31 Week Sonogram of our Triplets. Learn all about our high risk pregnancy, birth and more...

31 Weeks



We weren't scheduled for an ultrasound today, but the doctor asked the technician to scan Ricki anyway. Everything looked great, all of the heartbeats were between 130-150 bpm. The only concern the doctor had was that Ricki's blood pressure was a little high. He asked us to return Thursday for a blood pressure check-up. She has gained 45 pounds to date, up 7 pounds from last update.

Babies' Weights
Zachary 3 lbs 6 oz*
Lindsey 3 lbs 6 oz*
Hannah 3 lbs 1 oz*
* estimate

Ricki feels a few contractions each day (plus a lot of kicking), but the doctors believe her prescribed medicine (2.5mg of Brethine every four hours) will continue to keep the contractions under control. She is also continuing to take her pre-natal vitamins and iron supplements each day. We are starting to get anxious. We would love to keep them inside until they are over five pounds each.

2/27/97 Update

Ricki's blood pressure was normal today.


Position of triplets

   Position of   

   triplets in    



Sonogram of Lindsey

Her head on the left with
her feet and hands in the air.


Sonogram of Hannah

Her head on the right.


Sonogram of Zachary

His head on the right with
his hand touching his chin.


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