25 Week Sonogram of our Triplets. Learn all about our high risk pregnancy, birth and more...

25 Weeks


Tons of sonograms taken today. The technician spent a long time measuring the babies and examining their hearts. Everything looked excellent! They estimate from the size of the babies leg bones that they each weigh 1 pound 11 ounces. Ricki has gained 31 pounds to date, up 5 pounds from last update. She is on total bedrest, except when she gets up to check her e-mail. All three babies have been kicking and moving a lot.


Sonogram of right upper triplet (Lindsey)

The top picture shows her head and you can almost make out her hand touching her chin.

The bottom picture is a side shot, you can see her knees and legs.




Sonogram of left upper triplet (Hannah)

She is face down and you can see her backbone. She is the kicker and mover of the bunch.



Sonogram of lower triplet (Zachary)

The top picture shows him sucking his thumb.

As for the bottom picture, well, its a boy!


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