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I'm hoping to find footage or episodes of the old Nickelodeon program "Pinwheel" - if you know someone with a large collection of VHS tapes, its possible they could have some. There has to be more footage out there somewhere...

I'm looking for episodes/footage of the old Nickelodeon program "Pinwheel".
There were 260 episodes of Pinwheel and it ran from Dec 1st, 1977 to July 6th, 1990, but I'm particularly interested in any footage from 1977-1985.
I'm in search of a short that I believe aired during an episode of Pinwheel sometime around 1984. Although it is possible it could be from another children's program that aired during that year in New York, it is highly unlikely.
I have the three best descriptions of this short that may help someone remember if they've seen it or have footage of it:

# 1. (BEST DESCRIPTION Found in a horror forum that was posted in June of 2002)
There was (*a Pinwheel short) based on this story of a little girl who lost her red shoes. She asked a local wizard for help (who could appear and disappear anywhere). He helped her, but told her she had to tell her mom. The little girl goes home and doesn't (*tell her mom) hoping the wizard would forget. But then the music gets eerie as the narrator says 'But the Wizard...did not, forget.' And we see him appearing and disappearing along the house floors, until he suddenly pops out of her clock and steals her away, demanding to know why she didn't tell her mother. She makes up for it by sewing stars to put in the night sky, and the next day is returned home, and tells her mom the truth.

# 2. (The original description from memory)
"This short animation (*may be claymation or stop motion) was terrifying as a child. The scene is still burned into my mind (28 yrs later). Its of a young boy (*may be a girl) sleeping in his bed. Above his bed is a ticking clock. All the lights in the room are off and it is very dark. Suddenly the clock begins to slow down it's ticking and eventually it stops... on midnight. When the clock stops a greenish/bluish man climbs out of the clock. The boy wakes up just in time to see this man dressed in black grab him out of bed and kidnap him by carrying him through a window. The "Clock Man" takes the boy on some kind of terrifying adventure and brings him back to his bed before sunrise.


It was like claymation with poorly made dolls and the animation was real shakey. It started with the kid's mom telling him goodnight and closing the door behind her after shutting off the light. Then the door slowly creeks open while a generic eerie wind sound blows and the camera cuts into the kids room at the foot of his bed. He struggles to open his eyes as they slowly droop and he eventually gives in and goes to sleep. Then it cuts up to the clock while the second hand slowly ticks to 12:00. When it hits it there's like a low bell ringing sound and the camera goes back to the foot of the kid's bed. The "Clock Man's" head peeks into the room like the clock were a window. Unlike what the original description writer's image shows, the Clock Man's head then recedes back and his arms come out and pushes the clock open like a door, revealing a big dark hole behind the clock. Then Clock Man hops out of the hole and the kid wakes up and stares beady eyed at the Clock Man. Then the Clock Man starts doing like a weird Irish river-dance. Oh, and the Clock Man looks a little different from the picture. He was wearing like an all black turtleneck sweater and a black bowler hat. His skin was green and I don't really remember him having a beard but he did have a big toothy smile and two real big eyes with very tiny pupils.

I don't think I actually watched much after that. But I distinctly remember the Clock Man saying his name was "Benjamin" and he rung an elevator up to the kid's window.

PLS NOTE: ***I don't remember the name "Benjamin", and the Clock Man in my memories had a black, bushy beard. Everything else is exactly the same.

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