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-- Posted by Stucknz80's on 10:21 pm on Jan. 4, 2003

Because for starters, there was no wars that we were involved in.  Yea, there was Grenada, but what I mean is, in the 60's and 70's we had Vietnam.  In the 50's we had Korea and the 40's, well there was World War 2 and in th 90's, we had the Gulf War.  Another thing was, there was Patriotism in the 80's that didn't come from being attacked. We just loved our country! Things also seemed new back then.  I mean, in today's world, we can get hundreds of stations on TV and there are more video systems and games that can be bought than we know what to do with, but the younger generation seems bored with it and are more hateful and full of resetment, at what I don't know.  I can remember the 80's were more of a laid back and enjoy yourself time and we didn't hate the world like the youth of today does.  It really is a shame that we have lost the ability to enjoy ourselves and it would be great if we could gt back to a time when the world seemed to have unlimited opportunties.

-- Posted by skstone on 2:09 pm on Jan. 18, 2003

The 80's were like one big party. It was all about fun, feelin' good, and being young.

-- Posted by Snake Pliskin on 7:27 pm on Jan. 25, 2003

The 80's were kinda hard for me.  A lonely period.  But, I look back and remember some of the fun stuff that happened especially when I started college in 1988.  Yeah, back when I was a kid...

-- Posted by SpeedSkate on 9:40 am on April 13, 2003

I agree with the person who said the 80's was all about everything being new: microwaves, VCR's, new cable channels, portable phones, just to name a few consumer type things.  But I think the overall vibe of the 80's was the ambition that trickled-down, not the money.  Everybody and their brother wanted to be rich or a hero (Superman, The Greatest American Hero, Rambo, any Arnold movie, Ghostbusters, etc.).  Now everyone wants to be famous, though. (American Idol, The Real World, any of the many "reality" shows with people who crave promo deals and fame afterwards)  TV just weirds me out now.  

-- Posted by OSCARCRUZUSA on 10:41 pm on May 22, 2003


-- Posted by digifyre on 10:56 am on June 5, 2003

YEa the 80s was cool and still is, but I think teens growing up now are less ignorant.  Sex, drugs, and ignorance.  That's all it was.  A bunch of smokers who didn't care about the Surgeon's Children.  A bunch of people having sex and knew nothing about STDS, just knowing that this is what was cool.  There was alot of individuality back then, but since everybody wanted to be different, everybody just ended up being all the same.  I love the 80s and the 80s is going to come back.  THIS TIME people won't be as wreckless and ignorant.

-- Posted by OSCARCRUZUSA on 11:26 am on June 5, 2003


-- Posted by IronFish on 8:13 pm on July 10, 2003

80's rocked and it will be back....hopefully.  I am still in the 80's.  The best music was all there, everything from Poison to Aha, its all good.  Big hair and fine women!

-- Posted by armybrat on 9:19 pm on Sep. 20, 2003

Sometimes I wish I hadn't been born in 1987, because I missed most of the 80's.  It seems like such an interesting decade.  The computers were cool and not as complicated.  The video games weren't as violent.  My cousin used to own a GameBoy, I mean the original GameBoy, no color or anything.  80's shows and movies were great.  If only I had been born earlier . . .

-- Posted by Savonna on 5:15 pm on Jan. 11, 2004

Remember riding through town, parking at one end, and then the other? We would all meet up somewhere, have a big party out in a field somewhere. Everything was about rock and roll, who's hot and who's not. lol. The concerts, they were the best. I gratuated in 86. My son listens to rap, it makes me wanna tear something up.

-- Posted by ophaclyde on 8:07 pm on Feb. 5, 2004

Quote: from Savonna on 11:15 pm on Jan. 11, 2004
My son listens to rap, it makes me wanna tear something up.

That's what gets me.  We lived during a time of possible war and destruction at the hands of the former Soviet Union and we were having the time of our lives as a kid.  The 90's had to be the most prosperous and our kids are all freakin' depressed.  I can't stand any of the music today.

-- Posted by rubyfire77 on 12:15 pm on May 15, 2004

I agree.  All of the rock music these days is depressing...I heard a song on the college radio where I live the other day, and the first verse was, "You'll never have dreams again!!!!!!!!"  and this guy was just screaming this crap over and over again.  Kids are also spoiled brats these days.  I mean, I remember when i was in school, if my teacher called my parents, that was my ass!  Now, kids will cuss their teachers out and threaten them and the parents get called and the kids act like it's the teacher's fault!  My best friend is a 7th grade teacher, and she basically gets paid to babysit...and we live in North Carolina, so she's getting paid in beans to watch these little brats.  What went wrong?  I just don't get it.

-- Posted by jscarter1997 on 7:24 pm on July 8, 2004

I agree with the last post. Kids these days are spoiled and do not appreciate anything. People are afraid to discipline their children because the gov't has given kids too many rights. Having grown up in the 80's , I cannot recall ever hearing of "child abuse". Kids back then knew what would happen if they got out of line. We respected and sometimes even feared our elders and parents. Kids these days have no respect or fear because of all the so called "child abuse" laws.

-- Posted by BrandonHale on 3:23 pm on July 23, 2004

The last two post are very today have no respect for school, their parents or ant form of authority...I don't mean to generalize....there are still good kids out there......but something has changed.....i hate to blame the media and I know better than to blame the parents...but I think the trith lies somewhere in between...I guesss i really just wonder what was so different about the 80's...It was different.....things weren't bad as they are today......I don't know whats wrong with this generation.....I guess I am just glad I grew up in the 80's.....

-- Posted by Deloreandude88 on 4:36 pm on July 24, 2004

I personally think the 60's were a lot more horrible than today, then you had riots, drugs were everywhere, my great granpa was a firefighter and died in the chicago riot. parents always have this image that all kids listen to gangsta rap all the time, that is so not true, that is todays teenage stereotype adults unfairly place on (some) of them, and another thing the media always maks us kids look bad. In the 80s, 70s and 60s there wasent graphic and gore and stuff on the news, all I am trying to say is that there are a whole heck of a lot (TONS) of GOOD kids and very few bad kids, but people only hear about the bad kids and most of all it is not the KIDS fault, It is the PARENTS fault for not getting on their kids. and they grew up, you guessed it, in the 60's 70's and 80's
If any of you have kids, dont be afraid to get on them, when I was younger it always annoyed me, that my parents had all these rules that other kids didnt have, I didnt like it then but now i appricated the stick toitiveness they made me a better person for it
- Just my 2 cents

                 - Jay (DeloreanDude88)
P.S. - I also think that if parents spent more time with their kids instead of just keep giving their kids money and stuff just to get them out of their hair we would have a lot more good kids. Mabye pull out your old record collections and play them to your kids, mabye then they might like better music, my parents did and  I know it worked for me (-;

-- Posted by dashap99 on 3:09 pm on July 28, 2004

Every generation blames the one before..... remember that song?  every generation blames it parents.  and every generation says.  'we weren't that bad when we were kids.'  this may be true, but i think a major difference (and certainly not the only difference) is the media coverage.  I mean we certainly didn't hear about a gang shooting out in California on the evening news back in the 1930's when there was no tv.  Historical characters such as Billy the Kid were just teenagers.  Had they not made it into history books noone would know of their existence.  So how many more historical teenagers went around killing people that aren't romanced in our history books???
  I see things going down hill definitely.  but it's not the youngest generations fault.  every generation has had a part in it.
  I probly have gotten way of track of this post but it's been on my chest for a while and I just had to get it out!!
   I was born in 73 so I'm not a young punk sticking up for my generation.  what prompted me to write this was reading the posts on hear and hearing everything my mother used to say to me.  it's a never ending cycle.  generations are obviously different but we are all humans and should stop looking down on those older or younger then us!
  OKAY THEN.  i'll stop preaching now!  If you read this please respond.  Positive or negative.  I'd like to know if I'm the only one that feels this way.

-- Posted by scubapro on 11:22 pm on July 30, 2004

I too agree with most of your replies.  I was born in '71 and ALL of my friend's children are such brats.  They will whine and complain until they get their way.  And they always do.  It's somewhat pathetic.

One big reason nobody mentioned about why things are different is technology.  In the 80's, we had just enough technology to make life better-music, movies etc...  Now it has completely infiltrated our lives, especially those of the newer generation.  It has made them extremely lazy.  I remember in the 80's I was always out of the house riding my bike somewhere.  Now, my little nephews are constantly in front of a TV.  Either playing video games, surfing the Web, or watching a DVD.  Hmmm, I wonder why our country is getting fat.

-- Posted by rubyfire77 on 7:53 am on July 31, 2004

Tell me about it, Scubapro...I work at a major wireless company, and these cell phones are REDICULOUS!!!  All of our come with wireless internet.  It's a standard feature.  It's insane!  

-- Posted by Deloreandude88 on 8:53 pm on Aug. 3, 2004

I think this generation is as bad as it is because there are a lot more moms that work full time, then they are too tired to do anything with the kids they just buy them anything they want just to shut them up

another thing is that all these goofyass doctors and phychologists *sp?* think that yelling or punishing a kid might "Damage them mentally"thats B.S!!!!!, any of you agree? but dont get hung up on all the negative kids there are a lot of good ones out there. Teenage life is not like they depict it on TV everyone doesnt drink, smoke pot, have sex all the time, There are youre stoners, skids, and burnouts and teen moms (a small part of the teen population) and believe me alot of people my age think they are morons. Just one more thing, the media always blows things out of proportion for example a couple months ago there was a news segment that ALL teenage girls that wear jelly bracelets were sluts, by breaking a braclet you got a sexaul plasure determened by the color, In reality it was ONE girl in california at ONE school. Well I will Get off my soap box now. I want to hear some adulds opinions on the matter,positive or negative

              Best Regards,
                                        Jay G. (Deloreandude88)

-- Posted by scubapro on 11:08 pm on Aug. 3, 2004

Hey Ruby, can you get me a deal on a new phone?  :)  J/K

There are a lot of reasons why kids seem more "difficult" today than just a generation ago.  Things are moving so much faster.  Our society is changing so rapidly.  And it's tough to keep up.  I wish time would stand still for just a couple days so I could catch my breath.  

I have to give some credit though.  I was a teen thru the 80's and graduated HS in '89.  I wasn't exactly the best teen.  I had long hair and drank and got high.  Of course had the jean jacket.  But I certainly can confirm that today's youth, not all like mentioned above, but certainly a larger portion are mean and disrespectful.  My aunt is a school teacher and is retiring early because many of her students will call her names, make threats and are just plain j*rk -offs.  

Every generation will have their issues, but I"m glad I'm not in high school today.  And besides, music sucks now.  Nothing industry shifting has come out since Nirvana.  Unless you're into hip-hop.  Which I am not.  

If I hear Train one more time on the radio, I'm going to puke.  Would the corporate radio stations please pull their heads out of there asses!!

-- Posted by Deloreandude88 on 6:27 pm on Aug. 4, 2004

Totally agree music today does suck!

-- Posted by rubyfire77 on 10:37 am on Aug. 5, 2004

I totally agree w/you ScubaSteve (LOL...j/k).  Even college radio stations are corporate now.  AND, everything is rap now.  Rap, I do like some old rap (De La Soul and stuff like that) but rap now is stupid.  Everyone wants to be 'ghetto' and have 'bling' (who came up with that horrendous jargon anyway?).  Why does everyone want to sound ignorant these days?

-- Posted by Wutzupp on 7:08 pm on Aug. 7, 2004

Born in 1971...Grad HS in 1989...thats me.

Ya, the 80's were the best years for me, and like most thirty somethings these days...but the same is said about the 70's for the fourtysomethings, and the 60's from the fiftysomethings...ect.

It wasn't neccessarily the "Stuff" we all had back then (although it is a big part of it) it was the time in our lives when we were invincable...we were in our prime.

For me...things like ATARI, C=64, Pac Man, Centepede, Poison, Judas Priest, Whitesnake, Spuds Mckenzie, The Karate Kid, E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, The Breakfast Club, Girls with "Big Hair" and Tight Jeans were "Totally AWESOME"- "Narley Dude" and just plain "cool".

I remember sitting in front of the (well ok it was a TV) playing Atari for hours on end...and not just the 'ol 2600, but the 8 & 16 bit pc's (my 130xe still ROCKS!)


...we weren't that much different from the Sega/SNES kids of the 90's or the X-Box/PS2 kids today in that respect.

But yes...the MUSIC was better, although I am into some of todays stuff (even some country...which says alot for this Rock/Metalhead Bass Player) although I even go back to some "Wah babalou wah bam boom" from the 50's... "Let me be free folk songs" from the60's & "Saturday Night Disco" too (70's).

It's funny that when we were kids our parents said the same thing we say about todays kids...and of course we always vowed we would never grow up to be our parents...but it's inevidable. So fear not for these kids today...the ones that survive will be just like us to some degree as we are like our parents to some degree.

But things are changing, as they have been since the Industrial Revolution. If you really look back through the pas 100 years or so, you can see that we as Americans have gotten smarter, faster, and more ...(hmmm, I want to say "IGNORANT" here but thats not quite right)..."Daring" thats not it either..."Troublesome"...nope still not quite it.......ah, it is: IRRESPONSABLE.

We want everything "NOW!" or sooner, and you can see this "evolution" (I use that word loosely) since The Industrial Revolution...every decade seems to bring about more innovation, more technology, and yes more Irresponsibility.

My wife & I do not have any kids (and no plans to) but I see kids every day, and there are some good, some bad...just like when we were different (except that these days they carry knives & guns instead of combs in their back pockets).

So what do I get from all of this babbel?? Just a better understanding of what my parents had to deal with and maybe a slight glimmer into the crystal ball that we are definately headed in the direction we are supposed to be going.

OK...enuf blab from me.

P.S.- The eighties ROCKED!

-- Posted by scubapro on 12:25 am on Aug. 15, 2004

Holy cow Wutzupp.  I totally played my Atari 2600 for hours.  I was part of the Activision club.  I know, I'm a dork.  I had high scores on everything.  I was so d*amn competitive with that stuff.  I've always been competitive though.  I would play until my hand started cramping.  That wasn't too hard to do.  MY hands were smaller then and those joysticks weren't exactly ergonomical.

And yeah you're probably right about the new generation.  There's good and bad, but there is something to be said about a generation bringing guns to school -- and using them.  I don't have kids yet either, and I'm kinda scared to.  Especially with where this loser in the White House is taking this country.  Have you ever witnessed such an unintellectual president in your life?  Oops.  I better not go on a political rant.  Sorry.

Yes, ONE of our major societal problems is that nobody is responsible for anything.  Accountability is a word you rarely hear.  I'm not quite sure when that started.  It may have stemmed from the way our country has become so feminized.  (Thanks Oprah)  Kids get awards at school and in athletics even when they lose so their feelings don't get hurt.  It's ridiculous.  We're raising a bunch of wimpy, lazy kids.  I know when we lost our little league baseball games it was pretty much tough sh*t .  Everyone is so sensitive and so easily offended.  We need to go back to where our gender roles are defined.  It 's OK to say men are better than women at certain things and women are better than men at others.  We don't have to be equal at everything.  If you say a man is better than a woman at something, you're a shovenist.  If you say a woman is better than a man at something, you're applauded.  Our stereotypical roles have eroded, and I believe that is part of the reason the American family has eroded with it.  Not to mention the divorce rate going through the roof.  

OK.  I'll shut up now.  


-- Posted by rubyfire77 on 12:41 pm on Aug. 16, 2004

I'm a girl, but I totally agree with you Scuba...If a kid screws up it's blamed on someone else...if a kid gets hurt during sports you have 'soccer moms' screaming at the coaches.  My dad grew up in the 60s and 70s and he said when he played little league, you didn't have all of these annoying mommies around during practice.  If you did something wrong the coach yelled at you and told you to shake it off or get off the team and that was that.  Now, if that were to happen it would be 'Revenge of the Soccer Moms' and someone would get sued...that's another problem with our society...everyone is so sue happy.  Why do you think medical insurance is impossible to have unless you're a millionaire?  Because everyone thinks doctors are God and that they can't make mistakes...there are mistakes that they should be sued for (like removing the wrong breast if you have cancer, etc...) but they should not be sued for an act of God.  And these fat people who want to sue McDonald's because they can't stop shoving burgers down their own throats.  It's not Mickey D's fault, it's your's called self control, and I'm sick of people making excuses and blaming everyone else for their own problems.  

-- Posted by scubapro on 8:58 pm on Aug. 16, 2004

Wow!  Calm down girl!  J/K.  I'm totally with ya.  This obesity thing bugs the heck out of me.  I'm still single and it's difficult to find someone who isn't overweight and available.  And if they aren't fat, there's 20 guys hitting on them.  And I've been through to much BS with women to make the effort against the competition anymore.  No offense hon, but it's rarely worth it.

Yeah, we are a very litigious society - big time.  You are so right.  Suing McD's is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard.  I almost always without fail see at least one person, who shouldn't be there, at a buffet at a restaurant whenever I go to one.  (I don't eat McDonald's)  I know it's mean, but I think to myself, "why are you here?  h*ll o!"  People who don't take care of themselves just make it more difficult to get medical coverage under control which I hope to see happen in my lifetime.  Huge issue.  

Well, now that we've confirmed armageddon is near, :) I think we're  getting off the subject of the forum.  

Did you graduate in the 80's?   Are you in college now?  I miss the video games from the 80's.  I used to be the sh*t at almost any game back then.  I play my nephews playstation and am absolutely clueless.  The graphics on them is so good now, it's crazy.  When I tell my nephews what games I use to play at their age, they think I'm a geezer.  The name Pac-Man is beginning to date me.  Yikes!!  Do you remember when Lucky Charms just had five charms?  Pink Hearts, Yellow Moons, Orange Stars, Green Clovers, and Blue Diamonds.  I remember the commercial jingle from the leprechan, and I still love the cereal.  Can you name the charm that broke the original five mold first?  

-- Posted by Wutzupp on 1:50 pm on Aug. 31, 2004

Hey scuba...wasn't it Purple HorseShoes?

The ACTIVISION CLUB!!!!! Geez...I wanted to be a part of that, but for some reason or another I never did...but I was a member of the Willy Wonka secret society (or something like that) for a while. I remember once they mailed me a small package of "Runtz" before they were sold in was magical...all my friends wanted them, but I was too greedy.

I agree about the whole Mc'D sue crazy peeps out there that should be hung by one testicle (or ovary) but I cant say that I really care if someone wants to pig out there. I do some Mystery Shopping for alot of places and McD's is one of my best customers...not too crazy about the food though. If you saw half of the crap that goes on in those places, believe would be killing your own cows and chickens for food.

So, did you ever get a "High Score" worthy of taking a picture of your TV set and sending it in....or was that another Atari Club?

(Edited by Wutzupp at 1:05 pm on Aug. 31, 2004)

-- Posted by WasnotWas on 12:59 pm on Sep. 12, 2004

No wars?

The Falklands war anybody?

-- Posted by scubapro on 8:05 pm on Sep. 12, 2004

Yeah, I took pictures of my TV many times.  I had tons of those patches.  How dorky!!  I can't remember what happened to them.  I hope I find them hidden at the bottom of a drawer someday.

And yes, it was purple horseshoes.  I remember Runts first coming out.  I was a candy freak back then.  I loved nerds too.  I remember this bubble gum I used to get from 7-11 that was shaped like cupcakes.  It was pure sugar.  

I would love to be a kid again for a day.  Well, maybe more than that.  Youth is nice when all you have to worry about is your social life at school.

Yeah, McD's is nasty.  I rarely eat fastfood.  A few times a year.  Whenever I have a Big Mac I regret it because I can taste it a day later.  I like to prepare my own food nowadays.

I don't remember much about the Falklands "conflict".  Was that during Reagan's term?  I was too busy doing the teenage thing.

-- Posted by 80sGuy on 5:25 pm on Nov. 27, 2004

Things started going horribly wrong with this country when we started getting the internet and cable.  I remember when you could go somewhere and leave your car windows down and the car unlocked..Dare not do that now.  What happened to game shows.  The big 3 tv networks would have game shows on most the day.  Now it is just a couple of Game Shows.  I played my Atari 7800 for a couple of hours but then me and my friends would go riding our bikes til Mom called me home.  Dont know what it was, but i could be 4 blocks away and still hear her calling.  I remember walking at night with no worries.  What happened to arcades.  $1.00 to play a game.  What happened to Quarter games?  I dont care for most of the games of today. Cereal, Tv and Music  of today sucks too.  Give me the 80s anyday.  Do you think they will make a comeback??  I hope so..cause we could sure use it.  Sorry for rambling on..but i just love the 80's..I was born in 1975 and if i could get in a time machine and go back to any year and start there over again, it would be 1982.  Thanks for listening to this bumbling fool.

-- Posted by punkygirl81 on 3:34 pm on Dec. 2, 2004

I really miss the 80s it was so great the music and the toys i remember i had a NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK  comforter on my bed and the curtins and there tapes and i loved alf the fury cat eater and i miss being a kid i just wish things were like the 80s again

-- Posted by Steen on 8:53 am on Dec. 25, 2004

Because everything was more innocent.  You could play outside without worrying.  You could ride your bike around the neighborhood without being run over.  Everything was NOT politically correct.  The 80s were so wonderful.  I was a child and had the best memories.  The world sucks now.  Everyone is so mean and there's too much crap going on.  I would HATE to be a child now.  I am actually considering NOT having children cuz the world is such a crummy place now.

-- Posted by ajweb48 on 11:32 am on Jan. 18, 2005

I loved the music in the 80's. Music just hasn't been the same. The 80's has the best of the one-hit wonders

-- Posted by peter pan on 10:30 pm on Mar. 21, 2005

maybe kids of nowadayz see what kind of   crap world we live in and see the grown ups  as  the real problem of this world the spoiled litle brads are the  parens who  where kids in the 80 decadence all the way   not spending time with there kids  here watch some more telly as long as 8i have me ly in in the weekends ooh lets give them more games  not bothering  ur holes about  what they play and when realizing that it is a game for adulds then you parents scream  murder,pay attension to your kids you might learn something of them,you are the ones  who are the psoiled ones not ur kids they see a wordl with no future and a  president who dont give a toss at all

-- Posted by MisterMorse on 1:33 pm on Mar. 31, 2005

Dasha you are absolutely right. Our view on youth shows the same critisism the we received when we were young. I loved the 80's. If you take away the crummy school I went to, the lame hairstyles, clothes and SOME music groups it would have been perfect. Rambo type knives for like $5.99, camo pants, legend of Zelda and all that.  

-- Posted by caramel cutie on 10:17 pm on April 10, 2005

i agree with someone who said the 80's was the best i grew up in the 80's and i can't remember having a better time sometimes i wish the kids growing up today could go back and experience that decade maybe they wouldn't be so angry.

-- Posted by lynntofu on 9:00 am on April 19, 2005

I grew up in the 80s and they were like Totally Awsome!! hehe Even through I was just a little kid back then it wasn't about the music, movies, hair and cloths that made the 80s for me. I had a wonderful childhood and many found memories of the fun times with my best friends and family vacations and just being a kid. I now like the 80s music and think the movies from the 80s are the best! I was just a little kid back in the 80s so I didn't have much appreciatetion for the music and movies.

-- Posted by Fine Young Cannibal on 1:51 pm on April 29, 2005

I was 10-19 years old in the 80s.  I miss playing with the other kids, watching Sat morning cartoons.  We could go out on our own to a neighbour's house and play street hockey without our parents being worried about us.  I miss the family & friend's BBQs with no worries at all.  I met lots of friends, loved listening to the radio for the top song countdowns.  This was the period before my life got more complicated with working and bad relationships.
I wish I could relive those years.  
80s Forever !!!

-- Posted by 4boysmami on 11:14 am on May 6, 2005

The 80s seem to be the last decade of innocence.  The music was just plain fun...maybe didn't even make sense but who the h*ll cared.  All I wanted was some aqua net for my hair so tight guess jeans to wear and a party to dance at.  Gangs invest the area I grew up in now. Back then you could walk around and stay out late now you have to just hope and pray no one you know gets shot.  

-- Posted by caramelcutie on 11:49 pm on May 24, 2005

the eighties were a great decade i was born in 1975 and wish to god that my kids could go back and see what a great time that i had back then i mean now a days you can't even get kids to go out and play a simple game of kickball or piggy or even jump rope kids today have to much technology they need to be kids not little adults.

-- Posted by Monty007 on 6:58 am on Oct. 5, 2005

The 80's Was The Best Decade Ever !!!!!

The Music And Lifestyle Says It All !

-- Posted by Sherri on 3:30 pm on Oct. 18, 2005

I am a 5th grade teacher and let me tell ya the kids today are nothing like when I was a kid.  As you said if the teacher called home I was dead.  Now if I call home it is more or less my fault that the kid is having a problem.  Their child would never do that.  That is the downfall of society.  These are the future of this country.  SCARY.  I do babysit most of the day and if I teach something better yet.  My administration has pretty much made it so the kids and the parents run the school and we the teachers are guilty.  The 80's were a different time.  Families were still in tact and parents had control.

-- Posted by scubapro on 7:23 pm on Oct. 18, 2005

Wow, that is a shame.  I have an aunt that is a middle school teacher and is desperate to retire early.  

My nephews ages are in the range of about 8-12 and what I notice the most is they don't go outside and play half as much as I used to.  All they do is play video games and watch DVD's.  

And I think I hear 80's music on the radio as much as I did 20 years ago.  Thank God because there is nothing new or any bands of today that interest me in the least.  Hip-Hop?  Puhlease....  I can't remember the last time I went to a store and bought a new CD.  

-- Posted by Sherri on 10:44 am on Nov. 5, 2005

My car now has XM radio in it and all I listen to is the 80's station.  I hate the garbage "music" that is on the radio now.  Everything has some hidden meaning to it, gang references, killings, etc.  Kids today know way more than I ever did.  There is something to be said for the "old ways".  A bunch of people I work with are getting together for an 80's party tonight.  I'm really excited.  I've got the music and  movies ready to go.  (too bad my old clothes don't fit as well!  LOL)  Big hair here I come.  

-- Posted by brettcon2 on 11:40 am on Nov. 11, 2005

Sherri, hope that party kicked a$$! Some friends out here in Chicago threw an 80s party a couple of years ago and, what a blast! I graduated in '89, but I felt like I was right back there. Agreed that the clothes don't fit as well, but a few Bartles and Jaymes wine coolers and we didn't care!

-- Posted by Sherri on 6:38 pm on Nov. 11, 2005

Hey Brett, The party was pretty fun.  I love the music.  I brought my 80's movies, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller, Sixteen Candles, but did not watch them.  I'll just have to do that at home. I was born and raised in the Chicago area.  We moved about 8 years ago to West Virginia.  I graduated high school in 1985 and college in 89.  Boy that makes me feel old!!!  Too bad I had to put away the 80's attire from the evening.  Hopefully some day it will come back again.  Awesome time of life.  Here's to Bartles and James!

-- Posted by jsl543 on 4:07 pm on Nov. 25, 2005

One thing I really miss nowadays is the freedom of clothing. An example: I never stopped wearing (and started denying that I do wear) sh*ll suits and jogging suits. That was an everyday thing in the 80s but today if you show up in public while wearing sportswear made of shiny nylon, you'll get a job as a town's fool. So, I do wear sh*ll suits a lot. Because most of the time I'm home. My workplace is at home. So why shouldn't I wear something that feels good on, is comfortable like nothing else, needs no special care and looks good (if you ask me). Because it's made of shiny and swishy nylon? Because it looks 'baggy'? Nonsense. My point is: noone around me - family or friend - ever said something wrong about me and my sh*ll suits. Again, it's a crime to wear them. So it's like m*sturbation: noone is denying to be guilty, any person close to you would eventually confess, but globally it's a CRIME. Guess all this makes my clothing habit a perversion :-)

-- Posted by Sinatra877 on 2:16 pm on June 22, 2006

The 80's were quite troubling on a global scale.  Radical Muslims took over westernized puppet gov'ts.  Afghan Mujahadeen (early Al Queda) was being supplied Stinger AA missles to fight against Russian Hind 24's.  Carter Boycotted the 80 Olympics.  Greenpeace wasn't so peaceful.  The world was fearful of US/USSR tensions in Germany.  A Major was shot and killed at the Berlin Wall.  

Let's see;

'79 Gary Hart gets caught banging Donna Rice on his boat and it's not his wife.  He drops out.  Pope John Paul II gets popped by a Turkish bad guy.  Poland is revolting.."Solardinost" is the word.  Soviets invade Afghanistan and our defense system goes from Vietminization decrease to Cold War increase.  Eagle Claw One crashed in the Iranian desert making Carter a public scapegoat.  He's done some great work since though...

'80 Reagan takes office.  Hostages are let go...trickle down theory....Lee Iaccoa and Chrysler K cars, MX Missles, Abrams Tank, Bradley APC's, Aegis Class Cruisers and B-1 Bombers are reborn and all that...WKRP in Cinncinatti has great ratings and Loni was the bomb then or was it Jan Smithers?  Hmm...we did sell alot of AWAC's to Saudi Arabia really cheap and suddenly our gas prices went down...isn't that something?  My folks just bought a diesel car too...bastiges!

'81 Anwar Sadat was assasinated by Bin Laden's number two guy...the one with the doctorate for going soft on westernization and making peace with Menachem Begin but was let loose later. Our CIA was moving swiftly into Afghanistan to advise and fight Russians.  General Dozier was kidnapped in Italy by the Red Army Faction but released.  He was later conveniently retired without ever having a interview.  Guess the "company" debriefed him really good.  Operation Bright Star was an exercise with US and Egyptians just in case someone wanted the Suez again.  6-color deserts or "chocolate chip" suits were issued then.  BDU's were just making it to the troops from the old Army green.   Reagan was shot by John Hinkley because of a crush on Jodie Foster...that minx! Woof.  She's still a hottie.

'82 Lebanese/PLO were fighting against Israel.  Christian Phalangists against sh*t es I think.  Gemeyal was assasinated.  We sent a naval fleet there...a pilot gets shot down and captured.  Jesse Jackson goes and saves his ass...The Reverand does have a talent for that...there and later in Bosnia.  Who knows...hobby?

'83 We officially became peacekeepers in Lebanon and invaded Grenada under SEATO alliance in October 17th because of "detained" med students by Cuban advisors.  Kevlar Helmets replaced the old steel pots of sixty years service.   Romania's dictator is troubled that his country will soon see civil war...he's later hung, shot, stabbed and displayed with his wife both dead...Cheachesku or something like that?  

'84 This year kicked off alot of sh#t.  Let's see...A group of paratroops going to Campbell or coming from the Sinai was over New Foundland when it mysteriously blew up...killing over 100.  No one has come up with an explanation yet.  We started worrying about Daniel Ortega and Sandinistas and started training Contras in Honduras ( see 80's Dominio Theory) so we could "observe" in El Salvador with our Special Forces.  (5th and 7th  Group was at Bragg then, 7th later moved to Campbell) and 220 Marines from Lejune was killed in a suicide bombing of their barracks.   The Gipper got a second term.  While the Soviets lost Breshenev, Chernynko and Andropov...from old age (maybe).  Gorbachev becomes the new premier and he's a progressive one at that whom didn't get assasinated. Peristroika or something?

'85 The Red Army Faction and Meiner Bahnof gang gets froggy and planted bombs in the airports of Berlin and Athens I think and a few US GI Discoteche's in Europe killing a lot of folks.  And the US handicapped citizen was thrown off a ship (Achille Lauro) by a Muslim terrorist and Korean Airlines 007 was shot down deliberately by an MiG.   I got laid on Veteran's Day, Teacher's Holiday 1985 for the first time....about time too and I smiled for a week. Was Aquino assasinated by Marcos this year?  Not too sure...could've been '86.  

'86  I enlisted in the US Army Infantry that year as an E3 and monthly pay was $749 a month.  I still had to wear a steel pot in basic training when Kevlars were the norm in real line troops.  We were constantly having alerts.  An officer was shot and killed by North Koreans.  We bombed the bejesus out of Libya but only managed to kill Kaddafi's baby daughter and we called it collateral damage.  France wouldn't let us fly over with our F-111's.  We downgraded them then too.

"How do you get a French waiter's attention in Paris?"......"Order in German"  Ba dump...bump.

'87 Baby Jessica falls in a well.  WE WERE SO ENTRANCED WITH THAT!  Six GI's were killed in a bombing in Berlin.  The "Stars and Stripes" always had wanted pictures of the Meiner Bahnof Gang.  I was there.  New Pershing II missiles started to enter Miesau, W. Germany and the "Star Wars"/SDI was scaring Gorbachev promoting Glasnost.  Iran/Contra was hitting the fan and the first M2 Bradley's and M-16A2 models finally reached the frontline guys in Germany.  Europe had one of it's worst winters in over thirty years and I get pneumonia and spent a month in the hospital.  When it pours.

'88 Pan Am flight 103 went down in Lockerbie, Scotland by a bomb from Libya...payback. Lt. Col. Oliver North was convicted for the guns for hostages deal.  The CIA director Casey mysteriously passes away during the hearing.  Folks said Reagan didn't know squat and that he was getting senile.  Well,  I betcha he did...and he wasn't senile then.  But I still loved the Gip.

'89  Kinda of a slow year but in late December...I was an E5/Sergeant then...Noriega was out of control and I invaded 20 December '89 and was shot in the shoulder.  Ouch! That's gonna leave a mark and finally...

'90 as soon as I get out of Womack Hospital I get sent too Saudi Arabia via Germany for the 1st Gulf War.  But at least I made E6/Staff Sergeant for that one and it still sucked...

The fun never stops boys and girls.  Where is my Six Million Dollar Man doll with Bionic eye and Kung fu grip?  Where was the simple pleasure of stupid fun of a BB gun war...where you really got into trouble.  Or the simple pleasures of getting laid in the backseat of a '73 Mercury Montego steaming up the windows while listening to Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Zeppelin or Floyd?  Hit a water bong and find out alot of stuff you were told was just crap.  Oh  I long for the '80's but I'll always have those I forgotten anything that you guys want to add?  I'm the History/Military guy so I got what I remember.

-- Posted by scubapro on 9:34 pm on June 23, 2006

What is this the Military channel?  Lighten up Sinatra, Jesus.

-- Posted by Sinatra877 on 7:42 pm on June 25, 2006

I know it sounds militaristic...but the military is an extension of political will.  The U.S. military increased five fold in the '80's and it influenced the history of the world by doing so.  It's all true.  The reason I wrote it is because the first person whom started this topic said that there were no "wars" on in the '80's and I find that just simple minded or they are caught up in their own little world with their blinders on.  It was a decade filled with uncertainties and had the potential to blow up in our faces.  Besides...I was in the service then and highly involved and a history major to boot.  What do you want?  It wasn't a peaceful decade by any means and the facts are the facts.  

We're suffering from some of our (U.S.) political decisions now.  No offense but it's troubling to see that folks living in a post 9/11 world still think the '80's was safe with nothing to fear.  Here's a interesting fact that folks don't really know...during the '80's the Soviets were under the command of one nuclear trigger.  They understood that it would be reciprocal if they shot it so the Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) policy worked.  The Communists had very tight control on their arsenal but now that it's the Russian Federation we're facing eleven nuclear triggers with less able men to choose wether or not to shoot them off.  Makes you all warm and fuzzy doesn't it?  On top of that...alot of them were made in the '60's & '70's and they haven't been maintained.  Therefore there will one day be a nuclear accident over's actually more of a menace today than it was pre-'89.  

There I go again...being pessimistic.  I just don't feel as safe as I was back when I was a teenager in the '80's.  I loved it's perceived innocence.  

-- Posted by The Dude on 11:16 pm on Jan. 14, 2007

1) The BEST mainstream music ever!!

The 80s and before were the best!!

-- Posted by cdnut on 11:45 pm on Jan. 19, 2007

I loved the 80's.  Great music, annoying cellphones weren't ringing constantly when you went somewhere in public, I was in my teens then & loved the classic arcade games -- jukeboxes were still everywhere (where I lived), 10 songs for a buck -- on "records" LOL
I wouldn't be a "cdnut" if it weren't for the invention of the digital disk, but still love the way music sounds on an
album or 45...

Went to an all 80's themed bar for a New Year's Eve party.  It was a blast! So many people were into it -- the music, the hair -- I even got the Parachute Pants out for the occasion LOL -- was one of about 25-30 others that did the same thing. I forgot you freeze your
--- off in them in the wintertime, though  :(

As said at the start of this topic, it was a much simpler time--alot of fun, & enjoyed living it all over again (New Year's Eve)


-- Posted by American Cowboy on 3:58 pm on Sep. 2, 2007

I love the patriotism and prosperity of the 80's!

"Living in America" wasn't just a kikk azz song, it was a living dream of hope and opportunity. AMERICA WAS BACK, and you could feel it!

-- Posted by Jon262 on 1:43 am on Nov. 15, 2007

This is not really on topic other than to really ask a question and kinda rant about the horrible quality of the kids and parenting today. Kids today are horrible. I would have never gotten away with anything like what they get away with when I was a child. I am not entirely sure where to lay the blame. I can't really say too much due to the fact that my life partner and I do not have any kids. I was a child of the 80's. I can remember when we looked forward to getting up early and watching cartoons on Saturday Morning. I can also remember my huge college of garbage pail kids. Ah... nostalgic thoughts. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone remembered the popcorn that when you popped it, it came out different colors everytime and you never knew what color it was going to be. I don't remember the name.

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-- Posted by metal80s on 11:53 pm on Dec. 1, 2007

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-- Posted by markfox2007 on 3:08 am on Dec. 9, 2007

Yeah i was born in 1987. I wish that i was living in this wonderful decade. It sounds like a great decade. When the country (America) loved itself. And no hate, and good tv shows that teaches you about life and lessons, kids were kids, and children played outside more, and it was safe to go outside. Instead of today's, crap on t.v to many reality shows and tv shows about nothing, children grow up so fast and i must say are spoiled and are brats, and the hate in our society today, and anyone can say anything on tv and view anything and we have the terrorist war today.

-- Posted by Hollywood Rose on 6:03 pm on Oct. 16, 2008

Quote: from Savonna on 6:15 am on Jan. 12, 2004
Remember riding through town, parking at one end, and then the other? We would all meet up somewhere, have a big party out in a field somewhere. Everything was about rock and roll, who's hot and who's not. lol. The concerts, they were the best. I gratuated in 86. My son listens to rap, it makes me wanna tear something up.

I feel your pain. I am one of the few teenagers (just - I'm 19) who listens to good music and thinks that it is blasphemy to call modern music "music". My favourite band is Guns N' Roses. I love guys with long and/or big hair, musicians with TALENT, and neon clothing. I was meant to be born 15 years earlier, 1965 or so! Living now makes me kinda sad. We have so much crap that we don't need, and kids grow up too fast. What's wrong with having a childhood where you know who Pacman is??

-- Posted by pikachu on 7:01 am on Nov. 21, 2008

blocked o.. Okay, so I don't speak English, but I just had to come and write something. Because I love the 80's. But, I'm 15 now, so I never lived in the 80's. (in case someone's actually reading this, i have to say i'm from europe and i've studied english only for something like 5 years, so please don't mind the mistakes :D)

This is so strange, I don't think I should be here as a teen ager, in 2008 I mean. My friends don't like the 80's, they say people wore ugly clothes and their hair were--- I don't even want to remember what they said. And I completely disagree! I love the way people wore clothes. I love the movies from 70, 80 and 90's. I always become frustrated when even my sister talks disrespectly (i have no idea if i wrote that correctly!) about them.

By the way, I love Pack Man. I used to play that a lot when I was a kid. There are so many thing on my mind that I'd like to write, but I don't know how!

I could spend hours of listening someone, who lived in the80's, telling me what it was like. For example my parents, or teachers or something. Once one of my teachers showed us a picture of her and her all class mates (I don't know which year it was taken, but maybe 70's) and guess what! my class mates (well most of them) faked smiles and said to the teacher it was a nice pisture, but after the class they said how boring the lesson was!

honestly, I was mad. I didn't said it to them, but i'm sill mad even though it's been a year now. I would have loved to hear about my teacher's stories of the time when she was a kid. but no, everyone wanted to go to the break because the lesson was over. i really, really wanted to hear her speaking.

When I read the posts on this topic, i regretted i never even talked disrespectly (again that word! i just came up with nothing else) to my teachers. well i don't anymore, but a few years ago. and now I really am ashamed when i even look at them. maybe it was normal for a young teenager (13 years old or near that) to behave like that, but I should have known better.

This is getting pretty long, but i have to say i love the old music from the 60's, 70's and especially 80's. My parents gave me their old vinyls, including Earth wind and fire, Kool & the Gang, David Bovie etc. And i love them. I've got a player that plays the vinyls. I will never, never give or sell it to anyone. Okay maybe I should stop writing. There are still so many thing to say, but maybe i'll write later :D

-- Posted by mercy on 12:06 am on Dec. 23, 2008

Since the 80s sucked, musicwise (with just a few stellar exceptions), I entirely understand how you might have lived the entire decade firmly in denial, the wonderful sounds of the 60s blasting from your headphones, drowning out the pathetic mewlings of Rick Springfield.
Vacation Packages

-- Posted by Smash Ventura on 11:55 pm on Jan. 18, 2009

I to have to was all new and all very exciting!
waiting for cable to finally get here....hunting at the kay - bees (rip) :( and toys r us for the latest wwf ljn wrestlers....or how about trying to finally defeat the legend of zelda....
the music was fun,the tv was awesome(peticularly nickelodeon and nick at nite) things just seemed so fresh then... i am thankful i was at the right age to have grown up threw the 80s :)

-- Posted by slick1ru2 on 8:41 am on Dec. 21, 2009

I was in my 20s, had a good job, was single and what a great period in my life. The incredible movies, the music, the concerts, the times out on the town. All unforgettable. I really miss the 80s.

-- Posted by rconway4 on 6:54 am on Mar. 17, 2010

Hi everyone,

I am a student currently writing my dissertation. The topic im researching is related to 80s fashion and whether or not it was influenced by political or social change happening at the time.

If you have any spare time could you please fill out the questionnaire attached. It's 11 short questions which ask about trends and influences etc. Any sort of input would be much appreciated. If the link doesnt work try copy and pasting direct into the search box.

Thankyou :)

-- Posted by 80snut on 10:52 am on Mar. 28, 2010

Synthesizers, big hair, teen movies, Rubik's cube...Ah, those were the days!

-- Posted by 80sRocker005 on 2:05 pm on April 22, 2010

Hey All....Just want to let you that Philly's MY 106.1 is having a BIG HAIR CONTEST where you can submit pics of your 80s hairstyles but today is the last day.Send your pics by 11:59 tonight or send a vote out for your favorite hairstlye on Monday from 6 am to May 2nd....The winner gets a trip for 4 to JAMAICA!!!! CHECK IT OUT AT...

-- Posted by Sarah1111 on 3:14 am on May 19, 2011

I was born in 1980! I feel blessed to have grown up in that era. Some of my favorite things: Ghostbusters, madballs, bigwheels, the Smurfs, E.T., the list goes on.  Back then, I would watch cartoons on Saturday mornings then meet up with some of my neighborhood friends. We would play outside mostly.We would ride our bikes all over town. We would walk to the public pool and spend most of the summer days there - just relaxing and playing games. Then we would go home to our respective houses and I would eat dinner (with the family at a table) - then go to bed or watch a movie.

Now, I sense that things are very different for kids. It's almost like they grow up too fast. In the neighborhood that I live in, I don't see or hear kids very often. I'm pregnant so this concerns me. What will my child's childhood be like?

I talked to a friend of mine with kids. She said that now kids are too busy with sports and other after school activities.  That they spend more time on the computer. Creepy.

Maybe they have their own fun, that we just don't get. But, to me, I really think today's generation is missing out on the simple things that made life good.

Punching Pillows were  pretty cool too!  

-- Posted by Sirjames7777 on 10:07 pm on Sep. 21, 2012

Big Hair, danceable music, glittery dresses, bright colors, gasoline under one dollar per gallon

-- Posted by danielgarrison on 1:51 am on Feb. 10, 2017

There are a lot of people who miss those crazy 80-s. Perhaps, it was the best decade ever (for someone). However, every one, who is more than thirty now, remember those times including music, clothing, attitudes towards different things. By the way, I found an exclusive article on music - click on to see what exactly has changed!

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