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-- Posted by mxpx100 on 6:23 pm on Aug. 28, 2004

Being a fan of the old 80's Disney made for Tv movies, and also being a kid who taped over them as I got older, I have been trying to find them online for years. I have found someone on here who has Fuzzbucket and I have never even seen a mention of I-Man anywhere I look. I know somebody else remembers it. Mr. Boogedy was always one of my faves. Any help would be great. Thanks

-- Posted by StarcruiserCrash on 9:28 pm on Sep. 1, 2004

Okay, I'm not positive on this.  But I'm pretty sure my sister and I found an old copy of Mr. Boogedy (either part 1 or 2?) while cleaning my mom's house last Christmas.  I'm pretty sure we held on to it as well.  I'm going home this weekend (Labor Day), so I'll be sure to check.  If I find it, or if I don't, I'll let you know.

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