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---Anyone remember the star wars rip-off cartoon.....Thundar (

-- Posted by BrandonHale on 3:48 pm on July 23, 2004

Thundar the wad this guy..Thundar...with a lighting sword....a princess and uk-la...this strange chewbaca type creature....who rode a horse/lizard.....

Also...remember the Dungeon and Dragons Cartoon....awesome ....

And of corse.... Voltron and Thundercats...but that was mid-80's

-- Posted by rubyfire77 on 10:32 am on July 25, 2004

the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon was way cool!  i was never into the game, and when they came out with the cartoon, i was all, 'here we go...' but it really was good!

-- Posted by John F on 5:40 am on Aug. 29, 2004

Oh yeah!!  I remember Thundarr The Barbarian:-)
There was Thundarr, Princess Ariel, and Ookla the Mock.  He was the one who rode that yellow, rubbery, looking horse.
It`s funny you mention Star Wars.  My family and I are HUGE Star Wars fans.  Our middle child`s name is Jason Anakin:-)
Well when I was a kid, I used to play Star Wars with my Thundarr action figures.  Yeah..I had all the Star Wars figures, but I still would pretend that the princess was Leia, Ookla was Chewie, and Thundarr was a buff Luke.
Those were the days!!!

Ya`ll take care

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