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If you grew up in the 80's you shouldn't need instructions!!

Use the mouse to move and the left mouse button or space bar to shoot the ball and perform other arkanoid actions. Use the left mouse button to fire (after catching a red block). Press S to start the game. If the ball gets stuck press R to release it.

This game will take a minute to load, but it is worth it!

Click on the game board and then 'S' to start the game

Eigentlich sollte an dieser Stelle das Arkanoid-Applet erscheinen. Wahrscheinlich unterstützt Ihr Browser keine Java-Applets bzw. diese Unterstützung ist ausgeschaltet.

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Disclaimer: I have verified functionality with Windows XP using IE and Firefox.  I did not write any of these games myself. These games are provided AS IS and with NO warranty. Please DO NOT email me with any problems encountered while playing these games! All copyrights are upheld with their respective game owners.

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