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What happen in 1986


  • The world's worst nuclear accident takes place when a reactor blows up at Chernobyl Power Station
  • US warplanes bomb Libya
  • New Zealand refuses to admit nuclear warships into port- the US and Australia suspend the ANZUS alliance
  • Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson are married and become the Duke and Duchess of York
  • Space Shuttle Challenger explodes after take-off
  • Bizzare Love Triangle by New Order
  • True Blue by Madonna
  • Paradise City by Guns'n'Roses
  • Peter Gunn by Art of Noise
  • Happy Hour by the HouseMartins
  • Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera make their debut


TV and at the MOVIES
  • Sledge Hammer hammed up the LAPD
  • Paul Hogan was the Crocodile Dundee
  • Howard the Duck just plain old sucked
  • Meryl Streep was Out of Africa with Robert Redford
  • Bette Midler and Danny DeVito were Ruthless People
  • A kooky cat eating critter from outer space, Alf, became an instant craze
  • Valerie briefly streaked across our screens


People who died in 1986
  • The Challenger Crew
  • Cary Grant (b.1925) American actor
  • James Cagney (b.1940) American actor
  • Desi Arnez (b.1915) American actor
  • L. Ron Hubbard (b.1911) Science Fiction writer
  • Benny Goodman (b.1909) American bandleader
  • Ted Knight (b. ) American actor
  • Donna Reed (b.1921) American actress
  • Wallis Simpson (b.1896) Duchess of Windsor


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