Pre-Designed Templates

Most of the web sites built by Triplets and Us are custom designed to meet the client's needs, but the customization process takes time. We realize some clients are in a rush to get their web sites up. For this reason we have teamed up with to offer hundreds of professionally designed web site templates at discounted prices. Select a template (search by category or keyword) and Triplets and Us Web Design will purchase it for you to use as your site's layout. This provides you a complete professionally designed web site, by Triplets and Us, in a much quicker time frame.

Please note that even though we are starting with a pre-designed template, some customization by Triplets and Us is required to incorporate your business/products into the template's scheme. Some examples of sites designed by Triplets and Us using a pre-designed template as a starting point are: and (these sites each took under two weeks to build)




Check Template Terms of Usage.