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Head of the Class


Howard Hesseman as Charlie Moore (1986-1990)
Billy Connolly as Billy MacGregor (1990-1991)
William G. Schilling as Dr. Harold Samuels
Jeanetta Arnette as Bernadette Meara
Dan Frischman as Arvid Engen
Leslie Bega as Maria Borges (1986-1989)
Khrystyne Haje as Simone Foster
Jory Husain as Jawaharlal Choudhury (1986-1989)
Brian Robbins a Eric Mardian
Tannis Vallely as Janice Lazarotto (1986-1989)
Tony 0'Dell as Alan Pinkard
Robin Givens as Darlene Merriman
Daniel J. Schneider as Dennis Blunden
Kimberly Russel as Sarah Nevis
Rain Pryor as T.J. Jones (1988-1991)
De Voreaux White as Aristotle McKenzie (1989-1991)
Michael DeLorenzo as Alex Torres (19889-1991)
Lara Piper as Viki Amory (1989-1991)
Jonathan Ke Quan as Jasper Kwong (1990-1991)

Series Run
First Telecast: Setember 17, 1986
Last Telecast: June 25, 1991

Broadcast History

  • September 1986- February 1987, ABC, Wednesday 8:30-9030pm

  • April 1987- June 1989, ABC, Wednesday 8:30-9:30pm

  • August 1989- August 1990, ABC, Wednesday 8:30-9030pm

  • September 1990- January 1991, ABC, Tuesday 8:30-9030pm

  • May 1991- June 1991, ABC, Tuesday 8:30-9030pm


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