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Soft Cell

A little something about Soft Cell
Reaching number 1 in the UK and number 8 in the US, Soft Cell's "Tainted Love" remained on international charts for months and became one of the top selling singles of all time. Unable to repeat their initial success, Almond and Ball had a few lesser hits before calling it quits as Soft Cell in 1984. After forming bands with such clever names as Marc and the Mambas and Marc Almond and the Willing Sinners, Almond had a hit with Bronski Beat before wisely chosing to release material simply under his own name.

Tainted Love

Sometimes I feel I've got to...Run away I've got to...Get away...From the pain that you drive into the heart of meThe love we shareSeems to go nowhereAnd I've lost my lightFor I toss and turn I can't sleep at nightCHORUS:Once I ran to you (I ran)Now I'll run from youThis tainted love you've givenI give you all a boy could give youTake my tears and that's not nearly allOh...tainted loveTainted loveNow I know I've got toRun away I've got toGet awayYou don't really want any more from meTo make things rightYou need someone to hold you tightAnd you think love is to prayBut I'm sorry I don't pray that wayCHORUSDon't touch me pleaseI cannot stand the way you teaseI love you though you hurt me soNow I'm going to pack my things and goTainted love, tainted loveTainted love, tainted loveTouch me baby, tainted loveTouch me baby, tainted loveTainted loveTainted loveTainted love