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The Romantics

A little something about The Romantics
Wally Palmar, Richard Cole, Jimmy Marinos and Mike Skill came together to form a band on Valnetine's Day, 1977. In light of the date they appropriately named their band the Romantics, though with their power-pop sound and heavy guitar work they chould not be confused with the 'new romantic' synth-pop acts coming out of London at the time. The band's biggest hit came in 1983, with the track "Talking in Your Sleep" from their In Heat album. The single reached the number 3 spot at home, and guaranteed them huge crowds on the supporting tour. Yet the Romantics song that is probably most in the minds of audiences today is a track which never went higher than #49 on the Billboard charts. "What I Like About You" was released as a single in 1980 to a lukewarm reception. Some seven years later, however, the song began to resurface on the television and radio as a part of advertising campaigns for such products as Budweiser and HBO. The reaction by the band was bittersweet - while it is a testament to the power of the song, the band was unaware that the song had been licensed for commercial use, and a legal battle over the rights to the track and royalties ensued.
Lyrics featured below : "Talking in your sleep", "One in a million" , "Rock you up"

Talking in your sleep

When you close your eyes and go to sleepAnd it's down to the sound of a heartbeatI can hear the things that you're dreaming aboutWhen you open up your heart and the truth comes outCHORUS:You tell me that you want meYou tell me that you need meYou tell me that you love meAnd I know that I'm rightCuz I hear it in the nightI hear the secrets that you keepWhen you're talking in your sleepWhen I hold you in my arms at nightDon't you know you're sleeping in a spotlightAnd all your dreams that you keep insideYou're telling me the secrets that you just can't hideCHORUSWhen you close your eyes and you fall asleepEverythng about you is a mystery


Rock you up

You know you look a little lonely
Well, I can keep you company
You wanna make it with somebody
Baby won't you make it with me

Wanna have a good time-it's alright
Baby whatcha doing later on tonight
I wanna rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up

You wanna do a little dancing
Well music never let you down
But if you're ready for romancing
Honey better hang around


You know you look a little lonely
Well I can keep yuu company
When I see you move your body
Don't you know you put me in heat