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Baby Love

Boy, there´s no one home tonight 
The timing could be right 
To forget the rules, we´re not at school 
Until tomorrow 
But now (now) if only you would stay 
There´s so many games we´ll play 
Why should we pretend to be only friends 
when we could be so much more 

Baby love, you are my baby love 
Just call it baby love, you are my baby love, just call it... 

Words don´t mean so much to me 
I´d rather wait and see 
See what happens when the lights go down 
Your arms around me 
Time(time) to leave the world behind 
Save it for another time 
´Cause I don´t remember where I am 
When you start to.....love me 
(repeat chorus) 
Baby baby love 
Sweet and tasty, baby baby love 

Boy, I want you by my side 
And the reason we should hide 
How we feel when we are near each other 
Once I hold you close to me 
You´re perfection perfectly 
´Cause I don´t remember where I am 
When you start to.... move me 
(repeat chorus 3x)