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Real Life

A little something about Real Life

The forward progress of Western popular music has for years been largely a product of interaction between British and American acts. The new wave of the late '70s/early '80s could trace its roots through the UK punk scene, which was influenced by the New York pre-punk scene of Television and the New York Dolls, which itself owed a debt to such early '70s British glam rockers as David Bowie Bowie and Marc Bolan, fans of late '60s psychadelia. But this process is by no means a closed circuit, as regular infusions of new blood from elsewhere are necessary to keep things fresh. Early '80s music was to a large degree influenced by the sounds of the Caribean, Japan, and Australia.

Possibly my favorite early '80s tune to come out of Australia, "Send Me an Angel" was the product of a band that didn't have quite the staying power of a Men at Work or AC/DC. Melbourne band Real Life came together in the early '80s, and with the release of their debut single "Send Me An Angel" were hailed Australia's most promising new act. The song, featuring synth work that was every bit as good as anything being done by contemporaries Human League or Flock of Seagulls, got extensive airplay and shot up the charts in Europe and States. Reaction in their native land, however, was mixed where, as singer David Sterry explains, "we got called a haircut band and have never had any credibility." Never able to repeat their early success, Real Life has stuck it out over the years and continued to release new material.

  • I recently interviewed the lead singer of Real Life. If you'd like to read this then click here.

    Lyrics shown below : "Send me an angel", "Catch me I'm falling"

    Send me an Angel

    Do you believe in heaven above?Do you believe in love?Don't tell me a lieDon't be false or untrueIt all comes back to youOpen fire on my burning heartI've never been lucky in loveMy defenses are downA kiss or a frownI can't survive on my ownIf a girl walks inAnd carves her name in my heartI'll turn and run awayEveryday we've all been led astrayIt's hard to be lucky in loveIt gets in your eyesIt's making you cryDon't know what to doDon't know what to doLooking for loveCalling heaven aboveSend me an angelSend me an angelRight now right nowEmpty dreams can only disappointIn a room behind your smileBut don't give up don't give upYou can be lucky in love
    Catch me I'm falling 
    I lay down to rest my head 
    My soul to keep the night I dread 
    It's no dream 
    Slumber comes as darkness falls 
    And shadows dance across my walls 
    It's no dream 
    But I never sleep alone 
    My dreams become so real to me 
    I unplug the phone 
    While the night is young 
    Catch me I'm falling down again 
    I know it's a dream but just the same 
    There's a face before my eyes 
    Are closed but I can't recognise 
    The danger there 
    Slumber comes as darkness falls 
    And shadows dance across my walls 
    It's no dream