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Oingo Boingo

A little something about Oingo Boingo
Los Angeles new wave outfit Oingo Boingo was always firmly entrenched in the the lighter, more irreverent side of 80's pop music. While on the surface the lyrics to such late Oingo Boigno tracks as Dead Man's Party and Weird Science seem rather dark, one gets the sense that the band was always far more interested in having fun with their music than anything else. Oingo Boingo songwriter and front-man Danny Elfman has put together an impressive resume for himself outside of the band. He has written countless television and film soundtracks, among the most notable are those he wrote for such Tim Burton films as Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands. While I have never been a huge fan of Oingo Boingo, I do appreciate their style, and am ever grateful to the band for contributing the soundtrack to one of the decade's great teen films, Weird Science. The film tells a tale of social rags-to-riches (what Jonh Hughes film doesn't?) in which two unpopular young men gain wisdom, sexual fulfillment, the respect of their peers, and girlfriends when their circa 1985 5.25" floppy-driven PC with like 256K of memory creates a superwoman. The 1980s were indeed a simpler time.

Lyrics featured below : "Weird Science", "Dead Man's Party" , "Just Another Day"

Weird Science

Plastic tubes and pots and pans
Bits and pieces and
Magic from the hand
We're makin'

Weird science

Things I've never seen before
Behind bolted doors
Talent and imagination

Weird science

Not what teacher said to do
Makin' dreams come true
Living tissue, warm flesh

Weird science

Plastic tubes and pots and pans
Bits and pieces (and)
Bits and pieces (and)

(Bits of) my creation--Is it real?
It's my creation--I do not know
No hesitation--No heart of gold
Just flesh and blood--I do not know

From my heart and from my hand
Why don't people understand
My intentions... Oooh, weird... 
Weird science!!

Weird science

Magic and technology
Voodoo dolls and chants
We're makin'

Weird science

Fantasy and microchips
Shooting from the hip
Something different
We're makin'

Weird science

Pictures from a magazine
Diagrams and charts
Mending broken hearts (and makin')

Weird science

Something like a recipe
Bits and pieces . . . .
Bits and pieces . . . .

Dead Man's Party

I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go 
Walkin' with a dead man over my shoulder 

Waiting for an invitation to arrive 
Goin' to a party where no one's still alive 

I was struck by lighting 
Walkin' down the street 
I was hit by something last night in my sleep 
It's a dead man's party 
Who could ask for more 
Everybody's comin', leave your body at the door 
Leave your body and soul at the door . . . 
(Don't run away it's only me) 

All dressed up with nowhere to go 
Walkin' with a dead man 
Waitin' for an invitation to arrive 
With a dead man . . . Dead Man . . . 

Got my best suit and my tie 
Shiny silver dollar on either eye 
I hear the chauffeur comin' to the door 
Says there's room for maybe just one more . . . 


Don't run away it's only me 
Don't be afraid of what you can't see 
Don't run away it's only me . . . 


Just Another Day

(There's life underground)

I feel it all around / I feel it in my bones
My life is on the line / When I'm away from home
When I step out the door / The jungle is alive
I do not trust my ears / I don't believe my eyes
I will not fall in love / I cannot risk the bet
Cause hearts are fragile toys / so easy to forget

It's just another day / There's murder in the air
It drags me when I walk / I smell it everywhere
It's just another day / Where people cling to light
To drive away the fear / That comes with every night

It's just another . . . . . . . It's just another day
It's just another . . . . . . . It's just another day . . .

It's just another day--When people wake from dreams
With voices in their ears--That will not go away

I had a dream last night / The world was set on fire
And everywhere I ran / There wasn't any water
The temperature increased / The sky was crimson red
The clouds turned into smoke / And everyone was dead
(but) There's a smile on my face . . . For everyone
There's a golden coin . . . That reflects the sun
There's a lonely place . . . That's always cold
There's a place in the stars . . . For when you get old

There's razors in my bed / That come out late at night
They always disappear / Before the morning light
I'm dreaming again / Of life underground
It doesn't ever move / It doesn't make a sound
And just when I think--That things are in their place
The heavens are secure--The whole thing explodes in my face