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A little something about Nena
This band was put together after Nena and the drummer Rolf left "The Stripes". They moved to Berlin and start a new band. Their first Hit was "Nur Geträumt" , in Germany. Their second single was a hit all over the world and it was the very well known "99 Luftballons". There were two different versions of this song; the German version and the english one ("99 Red Balloons") - I never really did enjoy the english version. They've had 6 albums as a band so far. They didn't have a big success but they were relatively famous in Europe. Jürgen and Nena produced a German band in 86 called the "Time Boys", but this failed to replicate the earlier successes. After that Nena and Rolf split up and so was the band. The last time I heard 99 Luftballons was when I saw the movie "Boogie Nights"....great movie!

Lyrics for "99 Luftballons" shown below, both the german and english translation are included.


You and I in a little toy shopBuy a bag of balloons with the money we've gotSet them free at the break of dawnTil one by one, they were goneBack at base bugs in the softwareFlash the message, something's out thereFloating in the summer sky99 red balloons go by99 red balloonsFloating in the summer skyPanic bells it's red alertThere's something here from somewhere elseThe war machine springs to lifeOpens up one eager eyeFocusing it on the skyWhere 99 red balloons go by99 Decision street99 ministers meetTo worry, worry, super scurryCall the troops out in a hurryThis is what we've waited forThis is it boys, this is warThe president is on the lineAs 99 red balloons go by99 knights of the airRide super high tech jet fightersEveryone's a super heroEveryone's a Captain KirkWith orders to identifyTo clarify, and classifyScramble in the summer sky99 red balloons go by99 dreams I have hadIn every one a red balloonIt's all over and I'm standing prettyIn this dust that was a cityIf I could find a souvenirJust to prove the world was hereAnd here is a red balloonJust to prove the world was hereAnd here is a red balloonI think of you, and let it go99 Luftballons (ORIGINAL GERMAN VERSION)Hast du etwas Zeit fuer michDann singe ich ein Lied fuer dichVon 99 LuftballonsAuf ihrem Weg zum HorizontDenkst du vielleicht g'rad an michDann singe ich ein Lied fuer dichVon 99 LuftballonsUnd dass sowas von sowas kommt99 LuftballonsAuf ihrem Weg zum HorizontHielt man fuer Ufos aus dem AllDarum schickte ein General'ne Fliegerstaffel hinterherAlarm zu geben, wenn's (sie?) warDabei war'n da am HorizontNur 99 Luftballons99 DuesenjagerJeder war ein grosser KriegerHielten sich fuer Captain KirkDas gab ein grosses FeuerwerkDie Nachbarn haben nichts gerafftUnd fuehlten sich gleich angemachtDabei schoss man am HorizontAuf 99 Luftballons99 KriegsministerStreichholz und BenzinkanisterHielten sich fuer schlaue LeuteWitterten schon fette BeuteRiefen: Kring und wollten MachtMann, wer hatte das gedachtDass es einmal soweit kommtWegen 99 Luftballons99 Jahre KriegLiessen keine Platz fuer SiegerKriegsminister gibt's nicht mehrUnd auch keine DuesenfliegerHeute zieh ich meine RundenSeh' die Welt in Truemmern liegenHab'  'nen Luftballon gefundenDenk' an dich und lass' ihn fliegen