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Lyrics shown below : "And we danced", "Karla with a K" , "All You Zombies" , "Nervous Night"

And we danced

She was a be-bop baby on a hard day's night
She was hangin' on Johnny, he was holdin' on tight
Well, I could feel her coming from a mile away
There was no use talking, there was nothing to say
When the band began to play and play

And we danced, like a wave on the ocean, romanced
We were liars in love and we danced
Swept away for a moment by chance
Yeah, we danced and danced and danced

I met my be-bop baby at the Union Hall
She could dance all night and shake the paint off the walls
But when I saw her smile across a crowded room
Well I knew we'd have to leave the party soon
As the band began to play out of tune

And we danced

The endless beat, she's walking my way
Hear the music fade when she says
Are we getting too close, do we dare to get closer
The room is spinning as she whispers my name


And danced and danced and danced and danced...

Karla with a K freedom has its ups and downs walk the streets of lonesome town try to find some company somebody who will talk to me well I'm here all alone a wind blows home we'll find it someday there's no reason to cry for days gone by oh, karla, we can make it if we try hurricanes and cadillacs they run you down and don't look back oh where can my salvation be a tender touch to comfort me but I'm here all alone... no matter how the wind may blow you belong to me like the mountains to the sky and you know when I close my eyes you're the one I see oh, karla, we can make it if we try old man river's on the rise wash the circles from my eyes hurricane is on its way you can call it karla karla with a K
All You Zombies Holy Moses met the Pharaoh Yeah, he tried to set him straight Looked him in the eye, "let my people go" Holy Moses on the mountain High above the golden calf Went to get the Ten Commandments He's just gonna break them in half All you zombies hide your faces All you people in the street All you sittin' in high places The pieces gonna fall on you No one ever spoke to Noah They all laughed at him instead Working on his ark, working all by himself Only Noah saw it coming Forty days and forty nights Took his sons and daughters with him Yeah they were the Israelites All you zombies hide your faces All you people in the street All you sittin' in high places The rain's gonna fall on you Holy Father, what's the matter Where have all your children gone Sitting in the dark, living all by themselves You don't have to hide anymore All you zombies show your faces...
Nervous Night Nervous night/time on my hands Private invasion of the promised land Two on the run/that's you and me Maybe we can make it through this emergency Oh, nervous night African queen, we said so many things we didn't mean Maybe another day, maybe it'd be alright Oh, nervous night Right outside/shiny and clean A million vegetables I must be dreaming on my window ledge/can I crawl through Look out, look out below, I'm coming for you Oh nervous night... I try to speak/my senses fail But you're just laughing while the sirens wail All around the world in the Globe Hotel If Isabella has her way it's gonna be a nervous day as well... Oh, nervous night