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A little something about the Go-go's
While there were a number of all-female punk, ska and new wave bands that surfaced in the late '70s, none were really able to rise above medicority in the male-dominated landscape of '70s popular music. Finally in 1981, after a decade of high-testosterone punks and macho (though often simultaneously flamboyant) rockers, the quintet of Jane Wiedlin, Gina Schock, Charlotte Caffey, Kathy Valentine and Belinda Carlisle made the "chick band" a commercially viable entity once again. Unlike the female acts that we have come to expect in the '90s, eg. Spice Girls or En Vogue, the Go Go's were not simply pop-music eye-candy following some producer's directions. Let me explain...

Point 1: The Go Go's wrote their own music. On the liner notes of their 1981 breakthrough album "Beauty and the Beat" it is moted that "All selections written by the Go Go's." And each member of the band receives written by credit for at least one track. In contrast, all tracks of En Vogue's 1992 breakthrough album "Funky Divas" were written, arranged and produced by Thomas McElroy and Denxil Foster, whose mugs you'll never see on an album cover.

Point 2: The Go Go's made their own music - as in they actually played instruments. This is just a guess, but I doubt that Scary and Baby and Sporty and Goofy got their current gig after years of the finest musical training.

Point 3: They didn't need to make a feature-length film to sell their records.

Ok, time for some lyrics...

Lyrics shown below : "We got the beat", "Our Lips are Sealed", "Head over Heels".

We got the beat

See the people walking down the street
Fall in line just watching all their feet
They don't know where they wanna go
But they're walking in time

They got the beat
They got the beat
They got the beat

See the kids just getting out of school
They can't wait to hang out and be cool
Hang around 'til quarter after twelve
That's when they fall in line

Kids got the beat
They got the beat
They got the beat
Kids got the beat

Go-go music really makes us dance
Do the pony puts us in a trance
do the watusi just give us a chance
That's when we fall in line

We got the beat
We got the beat
We got the beat
We got the beat

Everybody get on your feet
We know you can dance to the beat
Jumpin'-get down
Round and round and round


Our lips are sealed

Can you hear them
They talk about us
Telling lies
Well that's no surprise

Can you see them
See right through them
They have no shield
No secrets to reveal

It doesn't matter what they say
In the jealous games people play
Our lips are sealed

Careless talk
Through paper walls
We can't stop them
Only laugh at them

Spreading rumors
So far from true
Dragged up from the underworld
JUst like some precious pearl

It doesn't matter what they say
In the jealous games people play
Our lips are sealed
Pay no mind to what they say
It doesn't matter anyway
Our lips are sealed

There's a weapon
We must use
In our defense

When you look at them
Look right through them
That's when they'll disappear
That's when you'll be feared

Hush, my darling
Don't you cry
Quiet, angel
Forget their lies


Head over Heels

Been running so long
I've nearly lost all track of time
In every direction
I couldn't see the warning signs
I must be losin' it
'Cuz my mind plays tricks on me
It looked so easy
But you know looks sometimes deceive
Been running so fast
Right from the starting line
No more connections
I don't need any more advice
One hand's just reaching out
And one's just hangin' on
It seems my weaknesses
Just keep going strong

Head over heels
Where should I go
Can't stop myself
Outta control
Head over heels
No time to think
Looks like
The whole world's out of sync

Been running so hard
When what I need is to unwind
The voice of reason
Is one I left so far behind
I waited so long
So long to play this part
And just remembered
That I'd forgotten about my heart