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Bedsharing Promotes Breastfeeding    
Study to directly measure nocturnal breastfeeding behavior. From the Pediatric Electronic pages.

Breastfeeding: a human right    
Review the human and legal rights of breastfeeding women and children.

Breastfeeding & the Use of Human Milk  
This policy statement on breastfeeding replaces the previous policy statement of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Breastfeeding & Work
Find answers to many questions about expressing, pumping, storing, coping, separation issues, and more, from Parents Place.

Breastfeeding the Hospitalized Baby  
Some excellent guidelines, from Cyndi Egbert, including keeping your milk supply up & meeting individual needs of the hospitalized baby.

Breastfeeding Trend   
This article discusses one woman's success with breastfeeding and work.

Breastfeed or Bottlefeed?
Weigh the pro's & con's yourself, with this informative research article from Centre for Biomedical Sciences.

Breastmilk: a world resource    
Learn why breastmilk is a world resource.

Calcium Supplements: Bone Density during Lactation & after Weaning    
The New England Journal of Medicine releases abstract of recent studies. You can request the full article from site.

Can I Breastfeed During Pregnancy?  
University of Nebraska Medical Center addresses relative concerns you may have.

Common BF Questions   
Find answers, from the Group Health cooperative site.

Extended Breastfeeding      
Here is the Le Leche League index of articles regarding concerns of breastfeeding beyond the first year.

Fictional TV Show Spurs AAP Announcement
A recent episode on Chicago Hope spurred some breastfeeding controversy, the AAP responds with this announcement.

Finish the First Breast First
Information about the composition of breastmilk and the importance of finishing the first breast first, from the Le Leche League site.

Genetian Violet
Some great information on this popular treatment for thrush. I found it works better than any prescribed medicine.

Growth Charts for Breast Fed Babies   
Preliminary data from the ProMom site, formally the Breastfeeding Advocacy page, each chart is a separate .gif for quick loading.

Help! My Milk Supply is Low!  
Here's some great information from the Nursingbaby site about this common dilemma...or so it seems.

How Breast Milk Protects Newborns      
Here is some extensive information regarding the benefits of breastmilk, Jack Newman, founder of the breast-feeding clinic at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto in 1984 and serves as its director.`

Human milk banking and storing   
A discussion on whether the use of donor milk and practice of human milk banking for preterm/ term infants, have a place in modern infant nutrition.

La Leche League
International non-profit organization for breast feeding.

Lactational Pharmacology
This informative site focuses on the use of medications during breastfeeding.

Large Breasted Nursing FAQ
Useful information from the Plus Size Pregnancy Website.

Latch-on in the Newborn Period
Some good info on recognizing a latch-on problem, from Debbi Donovan, IBCLC, at Parent Place.

Medela: Breastfeeding Resource
As a leading manufacturer of professional-quality breastfeeding products, Medela is committed to making your breastfeeding experience as easy and as comfortable as possible.

Mead Johnson - Enfamil Formula
Informative site on infant care and products, sponsored by Mead Johnson.

Milk Secretion: An Overview  
An excellent article explaining how lactation occurs, by Margaret C. Neville, Ph.D.

Nursing A Baby in Public: What's A Mother To Do?     
Here is one Christian mothers' interesting answers to this question, which she feels, lie within the scriptures, themselves.

Nursing The Older Baby
Info on starting solids, nursing strikes & weaning, from TX Dept. of Health

Questions by moms returning to work or school  
Find answers to common questions about breastfeeding and returning to work or school, from the Lactation Innovation site.

Similac Formula
Informative site on how to feed your baby, sponsored by Similac formula.

Smoking Ruins Breastmilk    
This study reflected extremely high levels of cotinine (nicotine broken down in the body) in infants that were breastfed by mothers who smoke.

Tandem Nursing: What is it? Is it for you?     
Find out these answers and so much more on the advantages and concerns related to tandem nursing.

The Why's & How's of Expressing Breastmilk  
This article has some basic tips, from the Avent site.

The Vegan Diet during Pregnancy/Lactation    
This article by by Reed Mangels, Ph.D., R.D, from the Vegetarian Resource Group, offers some great info on nutritional guidelines.

Weight & Breastfeeding  
Overweight women & breastfeeding problems, from the Doctor's Guide.


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