21 Week Sonogram of our Triplets. Learn all about our high risk pregnancy, birth and more...

21 Weeks


Ricki has gained 24 pounds to date, she is averaging 3 pounds biweekly. All three babies and the mommy are doing great. The doctor estimates the babies are approximately 12 ounces each, which is around the size of a single nineteen week pregnancy. The babies have rearranged in Ricki's uterus. If you look back at the 13 week sonograms they were positioned in the shape of a triangle (one on top, two on the bottom). Now they are positioned in the shape of an upside-down triangle with the boy at the bottom and the two girls on the top. Also, two of the babies are in the breach position, but since Ricki is having a C-section that should not cause any problems.

Position of triplets in uterus.



Left Girl (Lindsey or Hannah)Right Girl (Lindsey or Hannah) Zachary


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