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-- Posted by freckledmenace on 6:04 am on June 30, 2011

Can anyone help me?  I've been trying for years to figure out the name of a show -- or possibly movie -- that I used to watch when I was younger.  It's not a cartoon, but I can't exactly remember if it were live action, puppetry, or a combination of both.  The main character is a girl with blonde pigtails (Chrissy, Christie, Bridget, ???) and she traveled around the world (I distinctly remember a suitcase covered in stickers from the locations she'd visited.)  She reminded me of a Kid Sister doll from what I can remember.  I can also recall something about a beret and a tree-house, but I don't know if I'm just confusing my memories with Punky Brewster or not.  If any of this sounds even vaguely familiar to you, please let me know because it's been driving me crazy!!!

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