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-- Posted by Allison on 11:42 am on Oct. 11, 2007

Does anyone remember an old show (I think on PBS) with a witch that has a woman prisoner and makes her make books in a cauldron?

-- Posted by vincent7 on 3:29 pm on Oct. 13, 2007

I never saw it myself but I think what you are searching for is titled Once Upon a Time.


When I was a kid I used to watch this show on South Dakota Public TV (SDPTV) called "Once Upon A Time". It was produced by NPTV (Nebraska Public Television). Actually the Nebraska Department of Education had a hand in it, and it was produced at the University of Nebraska in Omaha. The story revolved around this librarian named Marian that had been kidnapped by a witch named Kerfumbly. Kerfumbly demanded a story every day, and Marian would put ingredients into a machine and out would come a book with a story containing elements of all the things she had fed into the machine, and Marian would read the story to us (and the witch).

One bit of trivia...the opening sequence was shot at the Joslyn Castle in Omaha!

I'm mostly putting this page up here to see if I get any hits off of search engines, because I would expect other people are interested in this lost relic as well. If anyone has any old episodes of other kids shows from this era on videotape or DVD, I'd love to see them again, so please contact me and let me know your memories of this show or any others you remember.

Here are the lyrics to the theme song. This is from memory, so it should give you an idea of how much I used to watch this show.

Once upon a time a witch loved stories galore
And greedy as she was she wanted more and more

The witch saw that the librarian had stories of all kinds
She said, "I'll capture you...all your stories will be mine!"

Then took place a curious chase through meadow, tree, and flower
Until at last they ended up right at the witch's tower

Now poor Marian the Librarian
A prisoner she'll stay
Until the witch is happy
And lets Marian go away

A lot of people have asked me if I know the show that aired later in which the characters were in space. I myself am not familiar with the show, but it was called "Starlore". I've never seen it myself, but lots of people seem to remember it, because I get asked about it quite a bit!

-- Posted by Allison on 6:12 am on Oct. 17, 2007

Thanks vincent7!!!!

-- Posted by mackensavy on 6:52 am on Nov. 18, 2008

I know this show!  My mom starred in it as Marion the Librarian!  I have a video of it on youtube if you'd like to see, send me a private message on youtube if you have any questions!  I've told my mom about all the interest in this show even now years later and she cannot believe it!

Here is the link:

-- Posted by camdennorthsider on 8:46 am on Nov. 30, 2008

I loved Once Upon a Time and have talked about it often to friends/ family who don't seem to remember it - what a great blast from the past to see Marion and the witch again (and I do remember Starlore as well!).

I have another mystery PBS (I believe) show for everyone, and i figured if people watched PBS around the time of Once Upon a Time in the region I was in (I was in SD), then I might have a shot at someone having some information/ knowledge of this show....if not, I'll resign that I must have made its crazy premise up in my head!  Here goes:

There's a boy, and in this boy's backyard (?) there's a that garage there's an exercise bike and some magical sparkly gloves...when the boy puts on those gloves, gets on the exercise bike, and recites some type of chant/ poem that is hanging on the wall above the exercise bike (all these factors must be timed right), he gets transported to another dimension.

I don't remember much about this other dimension, outside of the fact that there is a large "bad guy" who wears a long black cape (over big shoulderpads) and rides a motorcycle - if I remember right it's a trike motorcycle, and he may or may not have a partner that rides on the trike part.

Does anyone remember this show????

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-- Posted by nebulanexus on 8:14 pm on Dec. 20, 2008

I have been looking for that show, the one with the kid and the exercise bike.  I remember just about as much as you do.  I thought somewhere that the kid got together with an older man and wore something like a jedi cloak, but then again it could have been the guy in black on the motorcycle.  I hope we can find this show.

-- Posted by nebulanexus on 8:19 pm on Dec. 20, 2008

it is called "storylords"  

-- Posted by wakko222 on 5:36 pm on Mar. 5, 2009

I watched this show also. Almost every day when I was a kid.  I miss that type of show now that I have a little girl.

I also wanted to ask about another show.  I thought it was called "Well! Well! Well!" but I can't find anything about it.  I remember a guy dressed in a full bodysuit with all the bones and organs on it.  I don't think there were many episodes, but I liked it a lot.  Does anyone know anything about this, or am I just remembering something else.


-- Posted by perry1234 on 6:32 pm on June 3, 2009

that's a very old show, but very interesting!

-- Posted by steven444 on 3:48 am on Mar. 18, 2010

old show i have seen it many times

-- Posted by RavenHill on 12:06 pm on May 28, 2010

Wakko22, I think the show you're thinking of may have been Inside Story featuring Mr. Slim Goodbody. He had on the full body suit with bones and internal organs that you described, and the episodes would center around different body parts. He had giant stuffed organ props. The one I most distinctly remember was about the stomach and digestion, and there was a vignette about a scientist who discovered acids in the stomach by tying a string to a piece of meat and putting it in a patient's cut open stomach for a day, then when he pulled it out the meat was digested. It really creeped me out at the time especially because it looked like he was going through the belly button to get to the stomach.

-- Posted by nebulanexus on 3:57 am on May 29, 2010

The show with the guy in the bones and organ body suit is Mr. Goodbody.

-- Posted by Emmy66000 on 12:40 pm on Oct. 20, 2010

Okay so you all seem to know your NETV FROM THE 80's.  See if you remember this one.  I can't remember the name but it was about Nebraska agriculture (I think).  There was a time traveler named Anree (spelled wrong I'm sure)that looked kind of like a French Ben Franklin. Anyway he ended up meeting a farmer named Hank in Nebraska who took him around the state introducing him to different Nebraska things.  I only remember it had alot to do with farming.

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