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-- Posted by Messalina on 9:35 pm on Feb. 2, 2014

I found this site the other day and tried playing Legend of Zelda. The problem: I simply tested the game and closed down the site. The next day I came in to play LoZ and was met with a window asking to Input Save Code. Of course I didn't have one so I played the game hoping to get one afterwards. Well to my surprise a code came into that window that was so long it never seemed to end. And I couldn't copy it to continue my game as SAVED so all info was lost. The Save Code thing didn't work. Please give me a clue as to how this thing works or is this intentional? Also is it possible to close the game without taking a death like the NES game?

--- Also, there is a game in the list called ZELDA. Is there any info anywhere on this game... maps, walk-throughs etc...

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