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-- Posted by Jeanna on 6:22 am on April 3, 2012

hiii i found this forum and maybe you can help

back in the 80 90 i was a teen.... but we had little money on vacation to spent on arcades, my family spent all the money specially on vacation to rent a beach house and eat asados as much as they could arcades where not understood by my father and i was an addict to them

so when mame was found by me i saw an opportunity, but i had no idea how game names where at that time english was chineses for me i only understood the "insert coin" thing jaja

to the point

i am searching for a shooter ships game, i have seem many of them but it was NONE of them, i think it was from taito most likely and the ship was gray and it was on a jungle scenario, idk more i liked the game but it was placed when i was returning home so i was pissed

hope you can help me  i have no more clues rather that it was between 88 and 90 i think not sure also that time is fuzzy for me i have 35 and went through many health problems so imagine i dont remember much!!!!

i live in uruguay if that helps

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