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-- Posted by All Hail Hair on 3:41 am on May 20, 2011

Jimi Jamison, Ex-Survivor, Cobra and Target vocalist to Guest on Friday Night’s All Hail Hair!

Friday night (5/20) at 8PM EST, All Hail Hair welcomes former Survivor vocalist Jimi Jamison to the show. The show is hosted by Bob Carroll and he will talk to Jimi about his musical career, his time with Survivor and his extremely successful solo career.  We welcome caller participation, so call in at (347) 202-0832.

Jimi Jamison, called “The Voice” by radio icon Casey Casem, started out singing in an R&B group called “The Debuts” out of his hometown of Memphis Tennessee, recording on the ATCO label. From there, Jamison joined the progressive band “Combination” for two albums. Deciding to get into a heavier sound, Jamison joined Memphis based rock band “Target” who also released two albums. When they split, Jamison went onto the band Cobra, hitting the main stream and launching Jamison into the video arena of the 80’s and MTV. The band was short lived, but in 1983 Jamison was invited to audition for the band Survivor after vocalist Dave Bickler had problems with his voice and was forced to leave the band. Jamison stepped in and nailed the audition, becoming the new voice behind Survivor.

Already fresh off their hit “Eye of the Tiger” from the Rocky III soundtrack, Survivor picked right up from where they left off, releasing  their best seller “Vital Signs” in 1984. That spawned three top ten hits “Search is Over”, “High On You” and “I Can’t Hold Back”, vaulting Survivor into stardom.  After that, Sylvester Stallone and the Rocky series came calling for another theme song. The group responded with the theme to Rocky IV, “Burning Heart”. They followed up that album with “When Seconds Count” which produced another top ten single “Is This Love”. The next album “Too Hot To Sleep was as strong as any other Survivor recording, but was mishandled by the record label and never properly promoted. The band split shortly afterwards.

Jamison then embarked on a solo career, releasing “When Love Comes Down” in 1991 and “Empires” in 1999. Survivor reunited in 2000 and released “Reach” in 2006. Jamison left again in 2006, heading back out solo. He has worked with both former band mates Frankie Sullivan and more recently Jim Peterik, with whom he collaborated to release “Crossroad Memories” in 2009. Recently Jamison has teamed up with former Toto front man Bobby Kimball to release a new album. His latest single “The Restless Kind” is doing well in Europe and will be played during the show Friday night.

All Hail Hair is broadcast every Friday night starting at 8 PM EST on the Fightin’ Words Radio Network and is the networks highest rated show. To take part in the show, dial (347) 202-0832. To hear the show, click here.

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-- Posted by verygoodman on 3:24 pm on Dec. 27, 2011

I really wish I hadn’t seen this as I really want one now!

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