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-- Posted by richard8472 on 12:24 am on Aug. 4, 2009

New Fan Site For Michael Jackson Fans by Michael Jackson Fans !! on
Michael Jackson. We love you forever !!!
We Posted allMichael Jackson Lyrics and have lots about Michael Jackson History!  

RIP Michael Jackson !!  

-- Posted by marksmith on 3:51 am on Feb. 27, 2011

The Bio History of Michael Joseph Jackson began when he was born on the 29th of August 1958 in Gary, Indiana. He was the 7th of nine children. (brothers: Sigmund "Jackie", Toriano "Tito", Jermaine, Marlon, Steven "Randy", and sisters Rebbie, Janet and La-Toya Jackson.

Michael began his musical career at the age of 5 as the lead singer of the Jackson 5 who formed in 1964. In these early years the Jackson 5, Jackie, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and lead singer Michael played local clubs and bars in Gary Indiana and moving further afield as there talents grew and they could compete in bigger competitions. From these early days Michael would be at the same clubs as big talented stars of there days, such as Jackie Wilson and would be learning from them even back then.
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In 1968 the Bobby Taylor and The Vancouvers discovered the Jackson five and from there they got an audition for Berry Gordy of Motown Records. The Jackson 5 signed for Motown and moved to California. Their first 4 singles, "I Want You Back", "ABC", "The Love You Save", and "I'll Be There" all made US No1 hits. The Jackson 5 recorded 14 albums and Michael recorded 4 solo albums with Motown.

The Jackson 5 stayed with Motown until 1976, wanting more artistic freedom they felt they had to move on and signed up with Epic. The group name Jackson 5 had to be changed as it was owned by Motown, so they reverted to The Jacksons as they had be known in the early days. Brother Jermaine married Berry Gordy's daughter and stayed with Motown. Youngest brother Randy joined in his place. The Jacksons had a number of hit records and in total made 6 albums between the years of 1976 and 1984.

In 1977 Michael made his first film debut when he starred in the musical 'The Wiz' playing Scarecrow with Diana Ross in the lead role of Dorothy. It was at this time Michael met Quincy Jones who was doing the score for the film.

Michael teamed up with Quincey Jones as his producer for his first solo album with Epic Records. The album titled "Off The Wall" was a big success around the world and the first ever album to release a record breaking 4 No1 singles in the US.

In 1982 Michael Jackson released the world's largest selling album of all time, 'Thriller'. This album produced 7 hit singles, breaking yet again more records, and went on to sell over 50 million copies worldwide. Michael was keen to use music video or short films as he called them to promote his singles from the album. He worked with the best directors and producers, using the latest technology and special effects for the hit song 'Billie Jean' The short film 'Thriller' used the latest make-up artists technolgy combined with fantastic dancing and cherography, to produce a 14 minute video, with a start, a middle and an ending. So successful was this video that 'The Making Of Michael Jackson's Thriller' became the world's largest selling home video combined with soaring album sales. In 1983 Michael performed the now legendary moonwalk for the first time on the 'Motown 25 years' anniversary show. This performance alone set Michael undoubtable into the realm of a superstar.

In 1984 Michael won a record breaking 8 Grammy awards in one night. The awards were for his work on the 'Thriller' album and his work on the narrative for the 'ET Storybook'.

On December 9th 1984 at the last concert of the Jackson's Victory Tour, Michael announced he was splitting from the group and going solo.


-- Posted by cesar on 9:45 am on Jan. 2, 2012

Michael definitely was not from this planet! never be another legend like him, was the only one who made ​​us feel alive when we dance ....


-- Posted by glenjones on 8:28 pm on Jan. 6, 2012

yeah that's true he is the legend,and no one can forgive him ever!! But thanks for that site got lots of songs there!!

-- Posted by ronnierichards on 8:06 pm on June 14, 2012

No one can forgive him ever??? Forgive for what?? Between he was an unique personality. His way of performing , his dressing and all was simply fab..No one can be like him.. There is no comparison of this person.. He was a rockstar and will be always remembered as  a rockstar..

-- Posted by AlacratStore on 7:26 am on Sep. 17, 2012

I am remember most about Michael Jackson most importantly, Jackson may have changed the way people think of dancing. I know very little about dance moves and history, but judging from how familiar his style is today, he was an incredibly unique and talented dancer.

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