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-- Posted by ivanova on 12:49 am on April 16, 2014

Hollywood costume speaks to the timeless magic of cinima's most beloved on-screen moments, and fits seamlessly with our brand heritage.
While we are still fortunate enough to have the legacy of classic movies left to us by previous generations, the nature of costumes in particular is to be part of magic, to lead the viewer on as the plot unfolds on the silver screen.
There is no replacement for coming face to face with the very costumes worn by the Hollywood stars - and they, in turn, are testament to the art of the unspoken heroes of Hollywood, the costume designers.
Change is constant; as with fashion, things evolve with time. Now everyone must do their part to remember the past and preserve the work of those special talents who have gone before us.
So what's your favorite Hollywood costume?

-- Posted by Laddie Movie on 8:28 am on April 25, 2014

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