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-- Posted by JFCorey on 12:14 am on April 22, 2012

Public support is crucial to 6 degrees campaign.

Our petition-

if no twitter, why not give a like on Facebook?

Please see our published article on why we are undertaking this for Corey

and information of how this is going to happen -

-Joe Raffa and Harrison Smith (writers/producers) of forthcoming movie six Degrees of blocked , starring Corey Feldman agreed to back this campaign.

* The makers of American Sunset already have their Corey site ( ) and are now onboard with our campaign and as a result will be offering a ‘Special’ on the American Sunset DVD where a percentage of the cost will be donated to the cost of the star.

– Very importantly, Corey Feldman, Judy and Cari Haim are all aware of all of our efforts and are 100% on board with this project. I know some think Corey F has been pretty quiet on this, but when the time is right you will all hear him!

– The guys at Six Degrees of blocked are working hard on this campaign including:
-They are in contact with the Haim Family who are assisting them in all ways possible

-Six Degrees have already arranged the official signatory for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce application forms and are in contact with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

They are working on letters of influence and other stuff needed to support this application. There is a post-humous 5-yr ruling, as we all know, but Six Degrees are working on this. Who knows, maybe something can be done about this –we shall have to wait and see.

– They have events planned, where they will gather support from industry folk, including a Benefit Screening of Six Degrees of blocked in honour of Haim later this year

-Six Degs are working with various close friends of Corey and all are actively supporting the efforts being made.

* There was a red carpet event in LA this week, for forthcoming movie The Fields, which had a very high celeb and industry folk turnout. Harrison, together with a personal friend of the Haim Family, begun collecting signatures in support of our campaign, as well as personal endorsement letters too. The Chamber of Commerce will be shown the start of this letter gathering in the forthcoming weeks.

* The Benefit screening of Six Degrees of blocked is still planned for later in the year. … n-the-most

-- Posted by JFCorey on 10:32 am on April 27, 2012

#GetCoreyaStar EXCITING NEWS !!
Global Universal & Six Degrees of H ell, who are official reps for this campaign, are pleased to officially announce that a percentage of the sale of every copy of the American Sunset DVD will go towards the fund for Corey's star.

YOU CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN! We all want this don't we? So please please head on over and make your purchases. The link is below and I have also included a passionate blog post by Six Degrees of H ell which will tell you why they offered - they didn't have to be asked! - to make this real for us.

Do it for Corey. Time for us all to make a difference. To make this happen

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