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-- Posted by ucantdothatontv on 3:49 pm on Sep. 18, 2004

Need help with this one. I saw this movie once when i was quite young maybe 4 years old so the details are a bit sketchy.
It starts off with android/robot type slaves in underground mine. Something happens where one or two of them break free. Can't remember too much else just there was a female robot type who falls in love with a human and I remember them sharing a kiss and the human got shocked. I also remember something about her father being the bad guy. There was also a part in the movie of a huge cave with a long long hallway or walkway. I hope someone remembers something about this.
It could be a japanimation type movie as well. Please help as I've been trying to remember and buy this movie for years.
This movie wasn't for kids, not like Heavy Metal, more like how Watership Down wasn't for kids.

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