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-- Posted by Jaden82 on 9:05 pm on July 7, 2004

OK, I have been trying to figure out these 2 movies forever and haven't been able to find out what the names are or anything.  They were both on the Disney Channel between 1986 and 1990 from what I can remember.  The first one is about a lady who buys this kid from some weird place and the kid comes in this canister with liquid.  He becomes her son and then these scientist and doctors from where ever she bought this kid are looking for him and want him back, for some reason I think John Lithgow was one of the doctors but I could be wrong.  I know, it sounds really weird but its all I can remember.  Next one..... Its a cartoon movie with these kids who have a fort or treehouse or something and then their little brother ends up missing I think so they take this little adventure underground with all these little green men who say "Ug" all the time, thats like their language, and then I think the kids end up finding their brother.  But seriously, if anyone can help me find out the names of these, especially the first one, it would help me out soooooo much - Thanks

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