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-- Posted by Last Unicorn on 8:08 am on June 6, 2004

i remember watching it when i was a kid so i'm assuming it was the 80's, i could be wrong. anyway, what i remember is a girl and a boy & the girl had a porcelain doll. i don't know if the doll had some sort of significance or anything but it showed it a lot and showed the girl looking at it, so it's mainly what i remember... i remember pieces so excuse me if it's a bit weird or off. it was really dark at night and i think the girl fell down a well and when she got out she went to the edge of a cliff and looked out into the rapid waters and saw a woman floating in air with a white nightgown on & it kept replaying a bit of that scene of her floating and how she died i guess. can't remember much but i'd appreciate it if anyone knew more about it, they'd leave me a comment... thanks. <33

-- Posted by ophaclyde on 6:26 am on June 7, 2004

I know the exact movue you are describing, I just don't know the name.  I remember that it was the movie I was watching as a kid when I came down with the chicken pox!

Anyway, it was a Disney made-for-TV movie in the late 70s if that helps narrow it down.  :)

-- Posted by lynntofu on 10:30 am on June 14, 2004

I was just in the 80's tv forum and someone mentioned somethig like this. There was an episode of Friday the 13th where a girl had a porcelain doll. I don't know if it's the same thing you are thinking of. You might check out that thread.

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-- Posted by Last Unicorn on 10:34 am on June 14, 2004

no, it's not friday the 13th related at all, but thanks for helping.

-- Posted by Jawa on 9:01 am on June 24, 2004

wow.  Haven't found many people that remember this movie.

It is in fact a Disney movie that premiered on World of Disney.  (Sunday nights)

It was about a boy and a girl that lived on a farm.  But the farm was being sold or something like that.  (Forgive me, I'm trying to remember some 20 years ago).  I remember there was something to do about ghosts, and that in the end the doll fell down a well and broke open and there were pearls in it, thus the farm was saved.

I've been searching for YEARS for the name of this movie.  My brother is a Director at Disneyland in CA, and we event went to the studio archives in Burbank and tried to get help, but other than a few old timers who kind of remembered, nobody had a clue.

All I know is that it was shown once, and then never again.

-- Posted by Last Unicorn on 9:43 am on June 27, 2004

no that's not the movie i'm talking about. there wasn't a farm and the doll didn't have pearls inside. there wasn't really a ghost it was an illusion of a woman in a white gown floating above the ocean rocks. i don't know i guess i'm confussing people cause i can barely remember much myself by thanks for trying to help.

-- Posted by bob101764 on 12:01 pm on Aug. 4, 2004

Hey everyone, I could be wrong with this but it sounds somewhat like Child of Glass. Late 70s show only saw it once so i'm not sure. Good luck!

-- Posted by StarcruiserCrash on 11:29 am on Aug. 10, 2004

I think it is Child of Glass!  I've been looking for a copy of that movie everywhere for like the last year, but everytime it's on ebay, it goes for like $200.  Anyone know of a cheaper place to get it?  Or if anyone happens to have a copy (unlikely), could I get a copy too?

-- Posted by bob101764 on 8:10 pm on Aug. 13, 2004 has 4 copies of "Child of Glass" for sale.

Good luck everyone!

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