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1980s Movie Crossword Puzzle

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4. Jennifer Beals; Welder by day, erotic dancer at night, Oscar-winning title
5. Steven Spielberg's 1982 hit
6. First of many horror sequels; On this day of the 13th.
7. Kevin Bacon's 1984 classic
9. Deliberately bizarre adaptation of Frank Herbert's classic science fiction novel
12. Ironically, Robert Downey Jr. as a rich-kid addict with no self-control
14. Capturing the reality, pressure and desire of a NYC School for the Performing Arts


1. 1988 thriller; Bruce Willis
2. Third Griswold family saga resides in this season "Vacation"
3. His 1985 "Big Adventure"
7. 1986; His day off
8. Number of candles on Molly's Birthday cake; also starring Anthony Michael Hall
10. Ron Howard's unlikely fantasy of immortality and the power of everlasting love
11. Molly Ringwald is Pretty in __________.
13. Wes Craven's '84 horror film street name

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